Starting Fall 2017 Campus Safety is implimenting a new web based permiting and ticketing program! As of the start of August 2017 we are in the final set up stages of the new system. As soon as our vendor has completed the set up process we will post the link on this page, and send the link out via campus email. The new system will elimate a number of problems with the old system, and will allow our office to complete permit orders much more quickly than in the past. 


Planning on bringing a vehicle with you to campus next year? Then make sure you get your application for a parking permit submitted early! Residential permits, or permits for parking in an on-campus housing lot, cost $105 for the entire year. General permits cost $80 and allow you to park in 3 of the General parking lots- JA, McCain, and Jewett. 

Permits will be issued within a month of the school year starting. Priority will be given to upperclassmen and then to those who have submitted their applications first. Once you receive your parking permit, please place it on the back window of your vehicle. If you need to bring a different vehicle or your permit becomes damaged or lost, please contact our department and advise us of the situation prior to parking on campus.

Parking fines will be issued to those who fail to purchase a permit and to those who violate fire lane or handicap parking policies. You will not be allowed to register for classes until the fines are paid. Fines are $25 dollars for most violations, and $100 for parking in a Handicap spot. 



Visitor parking can be found behind Hayman Hall, with access from Cleveland Blvd., or next to Hendren Hall, with access from Wisconsin St. If you are coming to the college for a scheduled event, then you may use general parking.

General parking lots include:

  • J.A. Activities Center parking lot, located behind the gym, with access from Indiana Ave. and Oak St.
  • McCain Student Center parking lot, located between Covell and McCain, with access from Wisconsin St.
  • Jewett Auditorium parking lot, located behind Boone, Jewett, and Langroise, with access from 20th Ave.