Idaho Archaeology Month

Idaho Archaeology Month is celebrated in May in Idaho. At that time the museum puts special artifacts on exhibit related to Idaho culture. This includes lithic tools and Native American artifacts on display. The museum curator may give a presentation on the latest news in Idaho archaeology at this time or hold special meetings to discuss any topics of interest.

The month is highlighted by a theme relative to archaeology such as the May 2011 theme “PaleoIdaho.”  A workshop is also given in May teaching an overview of how to identify and curate artifacts.  This is usually done with the help of the Idaho Archaeological Society, Great Basin Chapter, who hold their meetings at the museum.  Students and the community may pre-register for activities of Archaeology Month and this information is in The College of Idaho newsletter prior to May. 

Everyone is also encouraged to contact the museum and curators to discuss any topics of interest.

See Jan Summers' 2012 Idaho Archaeology Month presentation