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Tips for Eclipse Viewing on August 21st

To allow people to have their own perfect eclipse experience, we have not organized an official eclipse viewing event on August 21st. The information below is intended to help you plan your eclipse day.


There are no official estimates on how many people will be in Idaho during the eclipse, but we have heard numbers ranging from 10,000-100,000 people per town!  This means:

  1. If you plan to watch the eclipse in a public area, you should probably claim your spot early.
  2. There is a good chance that the roads to communities in totality on eclipse day will be completely congested with traffic.  If you hope to drive to totality or “chase” the eclipse due to cloudy weather, please keep traffic in mind while planning your drive times. 


Other important reminders: 

  • Most of the roads through Idaho’s mountains are 2-lane, and go through small towns with limited service.  The service stations and restaurants in these small towns may be overwhelmed by eclipse tourists.  Before traveling, try to have a full tank of gas.  Travel with snacks and beverages, especially water.
  • Do your part to aid with traffic flow. Never block traffic when you stop to view the eclipse.  Pull over in rest stops, parks, picnic and parking areas, etc., but NOT on road shoulders.   Keeping shoulders clear is important for ensuring emergency vehicles can pass through if necessary.
  • Idaho temperatures in August are often above , and (we hope!) sunny weather is typical.  Wear sunscreen, avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight, and monitor yourself for signs of heat exposure. 
  • Don’t forget eclipse glasses, projection viewers, and any special equipment you plan to use!
  • Cell phone coverage in Idaho’s mountains can be spotty.  Travel with a map and directions, and do not rely on your phone. 
  • Even in areas with coverage, cell phone service may be overwhelmed by eclipse crowds. In an emergency, you can text 911 as a last resort.  Include location, injuries, people involved, contact information, and the layout of the incident.
  • Please be patient with the crowds, and be especially nice to the locals!


Times in MDT




Start time of partial eclipse:

10:10:17 am 

10:12:23 am

10:15:11 am

Start time of total eclipse:

11:25:19 am

11:28:20 am

11:33:045 am

End time of total eclipse:

11:27:23 am   

11:30:32 am

11:34:48 am

End time of partial eclipse:

12:48:35 pm

12:52:19 pm

12:58:06 pm