StarLab Rental

We have a StarLab inflatable planetarium available for different rental periods. We are also developing a policy for rental and programming. If you are interested in having us provide the StarLab programming during your rental, please contact Amy Truksa (208-459-5130) to discuss the particulars.

Rental Fee

$100 for one day
$150 for up to 1 week
$200 for up to 2 weeks 

Additional Fee

Training fee:  $50*  (see description below)
Delivery fee:  $50 for the first 50 miles.  $.50/mile after the first 50 miles. As of October 1, 2011, it is $0.50/mile.


This rental option is available for groups who would like to have a staff  person from the Whittenberger Planetarium provide the programming and delivery of the StarLab. Fees are being determined shortly - please check back later.


Training is available upon request either at time of pick-up or upon delivery, if you have chosen to have the StarLab delivered. The training is 1-2 hours in length.