StarLab Rental

We have a StarLab inflatable planetarium available for a variety of rental periods. 

The StarLab has specific room requirements.  They are as follows:

  • Minimum dimensions: 21 x 21 ft
  • Height:  10.5 ft clear of all objects including light fixtures and sprinkler heads
  • The StarLab must be set up indoors.


  • $125 for one day
  • $200 for up to 1 week
  • $275 for up to 2 weeks 


Training fee:  $90  (see description below)

Delivery fee:  Dependent on distance and time. Contact Amy Truksa for more information.

PROGRAMMING RENTAL FEESThis rental option is available on a limited basis for groups who would like to have a staff person from the Whittenberger Planetarium provide the programming and delivery of the StarLab. 


In-service Training is available upon request either at time of pick-up or upon delivery, if you have chosen to have it delivered. 


  • Training on campus:  $90
  • Delivery and training: dependent on distance and time

A 3-day workshop will be held June 1-3, 2016 designed to teach some elementary astronomy and earth science concepts and training is use of the StarLab.  Please stay tuned for more information.