H.H. Hayman

Dr. H.H. Hayman (1877-1965), came to Idaho from Iowa in 1897, joining his family on a homestead in west Canyon County. He was a 1902 graduate of the academy at The College of Idaho. While a student here he participated in intercollegiate athletics, including football. He went on to earn his bachelor's degree at the College of Wooster in Ohio in 1906. He earned a MA at Princeton, 1909, and graduated from the Princeton Theological seminary in 1910. He was professor here from 1905-1907 and 1909-1947. He was an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Hayman taught courses here in Greek, Oratory, Sociology, Ethics, Economics, Bible, Debate, and Physical Culture. In 1932, at the time he published War? An Explanation of the Conflict Between Japan and China, his title was Professor of Political Science and International Law. He was regarded as an intellectual and moral leader by his colleagues. He also coached a number of sports. Some of the older trees on campus were planted (and watered) by Dr. Hayman.

The first memorial to Dr. Hayman was Hayman Field, a football field and track, located where Symms Field and the softball diamond are now situated. Hayman Hall, built in 1965, designed by the John Graham architectural firm of Seattle, was dedicated in Dr. Hayman's honor in 1968.