Anthropology Courses (ATH)

ATH-101   Cultural Anthropology3 credits

An introductory course in cultural anthropology. A comparative study of communities and small-scale societies that lie on the periphery of the industrial world, focusing on their life, economic/political institutions, and religious/artistic traditions, using various models of interpretation.

ATH-128   Understanding Spirit in Art and Culture3 credits

This course will examine a variety of cultural groups where artistic, spiritual, and cultural experience are integrated or woven into the fabric of life as a whole. It will focus on Native American, Andean, and other cultures where ritual, art, and daily life are not compartmentalized. The course will also include cross-cultural case studies. (Cross-listed as ART-128)

ATH-202   Cultural Diversity3 credits

An examination of the major US ethic cultures through the perspective of Cultural Anthropology. The course work will include selected case studies and theoretical constructs, including the concepts of culture, ethnic identity, and cultural pluralism.

ATH-206   Native North Americans3 credits

A survey of Native American Indian cultures in different regions of North America, including their social/economic structures, world views, artistic traditions, and their histories before and after European contact.

ATH-249   Natives of South America3 credits

An examination of the indigenous peoples and their cultures in the Amazon and the Andes, including contemporary economics, religion, social organization, politics, the arts, and issues of current concern.

ATH-260   Peoples of the Andes3 credits

An in-depth examination of the contemporary indigenous and urban people of the Andes and their cultures, including contemporary economics, religion, politics, social organization the arts and issues of current concern. As part of the immersion experience, students will focus on Cusco, Peru, and will integrate their learning with field participation and experience in Cusco and nearby indigenous villages, markets, artisan workshops, and religious festivals.

ATHSOC-290   Seminar in Social Science Research Methods3 credits

Prerequisites: SOC-100 or ATH-100

An introduction to the methods of qualitative field research and quantitative data analysis. Students will formuulate and carry out an independent research project and formally present the results.

ATH-294   Independent Study3 credits

Prerequisites: One course in anthropology

Readings in a specific area of anthropology, requiring a formal paper summarizing the study. See independent study guidelines.

ATH-300   Anthropology and Art3 credits

A comparative study of aesthetics, artistic creation, and the role of image, art, and artist in cultural context.

ATH-302   Ritual, Myth, and World View3 credits

An anthropological approach to religious meaning and ritual in small-scale societies and ethnic subcultures. The course analyzes theories of religion, myth, and ritual by comparing cultures in various areas of the world, including contemporary crisis and change.

ATH-302A   Cultural Diversity3 credits

Examination of American cultural diversity through the perspective of Cultural Anthropology. Students are required to complete the readings for ATH-202 and attend that class. In addition, students will be assigned formal readings, written examinations, and final papers appropriate to the 300 level. Students who have already completed ATH-202 are not allowed to enroll for ATH-302A.(Cross-listed as ATH-202)

ATH-305   Culture Change & the World System3 credits

An anthropological approach to culture change and development. The course will examine cultural systems affected by development from colonial and post-colonial agencies and the impact of those changes in small-scale and state societies.

ATH-306   Visual Anthropology3 credits

A study of social documentary photography and ethnography, which examines society and culture through visual images rather than words or written texts. Students will learn the basics of photography and anthropology, and undertake ethnographic assignments.

ATH-308   Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective3 credits

An examination of the concept of gender, or the meaning of being and behaving male or female, through cross-cultural case studies. The course will include cultural roles and statuses and their structural positions and representations.

ATH-309   Cross-Cultural Approaches to the Environment3 credits

A cross-cultural examination of environmental development and ideological constructs from selected case studies of non-industrial societies in the Americas and Africa. The course will examine adaptation to the environment as shaping social structure and ideology, as well as how ideology shapes the society's environmental use.

ATH-360   Andean Prehistory and Culture3 credits

An in-depth examination of the pre-Columbian cultures and civilizations of the Andes, focusing on Cusco and the Incan Empire and then working backward to preceding civilizations and forward to what cultural elements have continued into contemporary Andean culture. As part of the immersion experience, students will visit important Incan archaeological sites, including Machu Picchu and several pre-Incan sites.

ATH-404   Theories in Anthropology3 credits

An examination of the development of theories of culture from classical models through 20th century American, British, and French anthropological thought to recent cultural interpretations that are emerging in our own time.

ATHSOC-490   Anthropology/Sociology Senior Seminar2 credits

A culmination of each student's educational developmental trajectory which should connect to their intended career or graduate school; students will complete individualized portfolio projects combining methods, data and theory and present their work to the department. Each Anthropology/Sociology major must complete the Senior Seminar; however, departmental honors or a significant internship (if it's the first) may substitute.

ATH-494   Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Intensive reading or field research in a specific area of anthropology, requiring a formal paper summarizing the study. See independent study guidelines.

ATH-497   Internship3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Supervised work or research with approval of the department. A term paper or formal report is required. Reading assignments may be required. See internship guidelines.