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BIO-201   Molecules to Cells3 credits

Corequisites: BIO-201L

This is the first course in a three semester sequence for biology majors. Course topics will cover fundamental concepts including biomolecule structure and function, energy metabolism (respiration and photosynthesis), the biology of inheritance, and gene structure, function, and expression. Focus on frontier areas of biology with an emphasis on molecular and cellular processes. Examples may include human genetics, bioinformatics, or cancer biology. Emphasis on scientific problem-solving, including collection, analysis, and interpretation of biological data. This course is designed for students who plan to take further coursework in biology or related disciplines.

BIO-201L   Molecules to Cells1 credit

Corequisites: BIO-201

This is the laboratory course for BIO-201.

BIO-202   Organismal Biology3 credits

Prerequisites: BIO-201

Corequisites: BIO-202L

This is the second course in a three semester sequence for biology majors. The course examines reproduction, development, anatomy, and physiology of higher animals and plants, including trends in the evolution of plants.

BIO-202L   Organismal Biology Laboratory1 credit

Corequisites: BIO-202

This is the laboratory course for BIO-202.

BIO-203   Ecology, Evolution and Diversity3 credits

Prerequisites: BIO-202 and MAT-112 or MAT-212

Corequisites: BIO-203L

This is the third course in a three semester sequence for biology majors. Examines the ecology, evolution, and diversity of life. Topics to be covered include population ecology, population genetics, evolution, phylogeny and classification, and a survey of the animal kingdom - including trends in animal evolution.

BIO-203L   Ecology, Evolution and Diversity Laboratory1 credit

Corequisites: BIO-203

This is the laboratory course for BIO-203. Includes discussion, field study, and laboratory experience

BIO-260   Diversity of Life1 credit

Prerequisites: BIO-203

Corequisites: BIO-260L

A survey of major taxonomic groups of organisms with an emphasis on biological classification, phylogeny reconstruction, biological diversity, and comparative morphology. Readings, lectures, discussions, and lab activities.

BIO-260L   Diversity of Life Laboratory1 credit

Prerequisites: BIO-202

Corequisites: BIO-260

This is the laboratory course for BIO-260.

BIO-294   Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Library research in biology. Critical review of literature pertaining to a problem or specialized topic in biology culminating in a paper written according to department guide lines. See independent study guidelines.