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BIO-346   Field Biology4 credits

Prerequisites: BIO-346.1; BIO-203 or ENV-260; BIO-202; HHPA-150.19

This course examines the ecology of tropical and subtropical ecosystems (coral reefs, mangroves, tropical rainforests, etc) with an emphasis on the physical, chemical, and biological organization of each system—including the physiological adaptations of organisms. The course will also introduce students to field biology techniques (e.g., field sampling, journaling, etc.). Field study locations include but are not limited to Australia, Hawaii, and Belize. Students will complete an independent field research project suitable for presentation at a professional meeting. Students are selected based upon a competitive application process as well as completed prerequisite course work.

BIO-346.1   Field Biology Preparation2 credits

Prerequisites: BIO-203 or ENV-260 and BIO-202

This course will cover ecological concepts and field biology techniques in preparation for the Winter off-campus study course.