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BUS-325   Principles of Management3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-100 and Sophomore standing

This course is a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of management function and organizational behavior. Reviewing management models, organizational structure, work motivation, and selected management applications.

BUS-330   Principles of Finance3 credits

Prerequisites: ACC-222, BUS-270 or POE-263

An introduction to finance with emphasis on the theories and problems of resource allocation, the cost of capital, capital budgeting, asset valuation, capital structures, and financial control.

BUS-332   Financial Institutions3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-270 or POE-263

Analysis of financial markets and intermediaries including theory and practice in financial intermediation, the nature and function of money, interest rate theory, money and capital market instruments, monetary theory and policy, and government regulation.

BUS-340   International Business3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-270 or POE 263

An analysis of international business from the viewpoint of entering into multinational business activities, examining cultural, social, economic, and political factors related to transnational operations.

BUS-350   Management Science3 credits

Prerequisites: ACC-222, BUS-150, BUS 270, or POE 263

A study of managerial decision-making and how analytic frameworks are used to support decisions. Topics include decision modeling, forecasting, linear programming, and statistical quality control.

BUS-357   Organizational Behavior3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-100

The application of behavioral science theory and methods to better understand and manage individual and group behavior in organizations.

BUS-358   Human Resource Management3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-100

This course examines how the management of human resources can help organizations to successfully deal with today's legal and ethical, social, global, quality, and technological challenges. Emphasis is on developing HR policies and implementing programs regarding the recruitment, selection, training and development, and compensation of employees.

BUS-360   Principles of Marketing3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-270 or POE-263

A foundation course in marketing which addresses the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals with consideration of the social, ethical, economic, and international environments. This foundation course is a prerequisite to all other marketing courses.

BUS-366   Marketing Communication3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-360

An analysis of the field of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling management from an integrated marketing communications perspective. The course will focus on an examination of the marketing process, consumer behavior, communications theory, and the role of research to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate advertising and promotional programs.

BUS-385.1   Management Information Systems3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-150 and Junior or Senior standing

A course that surveys the use of computer-based information systems in business. Uses a socio-technical approach to examine the organization, management, infrastructure and support for information technology in businesses preparing to become digital entities. Introduces topics covered in more depth in BUS-381, BUS-482, BUS-483, and BUS-485.

BUS-391   Legal Environment3 credits

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing

An introduction to the fundamental principles of law affecting business. Topics will include contract law, UCC, property rights, partnerships and corporations, rights of creditors, business regulation, rights of shareholders, and other legal concerns of both profit and non-profit organizations. This is a writing intensive course.