Journalism Courses (JOURN)

JOURN-199T   Special Topics in Interactive Journalism1 credit

Topics vary.

JOURN-200   Principles and Practices of Journalism: Print3 credits

Deals with print and the elements of journalistic writing including sections on ethics, history and an analysis of the role of the media in society.

JOURN-201   Principles and Practices of Journalism: Visual3 credits

Focuses on Visual Journalism - broadcast and interactive. The uses of the Internet and challenges for journalists that it presents will be a fundamental focus of this class.

JOURN-294   Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

A special research project on a selected topic. See independent study guidelines.

JOURN-299T   Special Topics in Interactive Journalism1 credit

Topics vary.

JOURN-300   Feature Writing3 credits

Prerequisites: JOURN-200 and JOURN-201

Focuses on longer forms of nonfiction writing. The class reads historical selections that demonstrate the growth and importance of Journalism in our society. Students select an area of interest and focus on it throughout the term.

JOURN-301   Advanced Editing and Reporting3 credits

Prerequisites: JOURN-200 and JOURN-201

Explores the work of editors and journalists through focused readings and hands-on writing and editing assignments. Longer features and pieces of literary journalism are read and studied. Students study and analyze the work of major nonfiction writers and do hands-on editing of their own and their classmates work. Critical papers will look at the changes that journalism is undergoing because of the Internet, through Websites, Weblogs and online magazines.

JOURN-399T   Special Topics in Interactive Journalism1 credit

Topics vary.

JOURN-401   Senior Project3 credits

Prerequisites: JOURN-300 and JOURN-301

The Senior Project is the culmination of the minor. Students create collaborative projects that emulate the form and method of traditional journalistic work. Each project will include photography, graphics, text, and possibly video and audio. The projects are intended to explore local issues and will enable students to do original work - researching, interviewing, reporting, editing, designing and illustrating - for publication. In this way the seniors in the minor will experience the dynamic of working with a small group on deadline and have the opportunity to create a full-length publication. Some of the types of products that are proposed are online magazines with short and long features, photo galleries, video and audio interviews, multi-sectioned feature stories, and mini-documentaries in sound and/or video. Students will blog/vlog (video blog) their projects throughout the term. The class time will be devoted to workshopping the projects and discussing the course texts.

JOURN-494   Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Research project on selected topics. See independent study guidelines.

JOURN-497   Internship1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permisssion

Individually arranged internship designed to provide practical experience in journalism. Students will be placed with magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations, interactive companies, photographers or web designers. See internship guidelines.

JOURN-499T   Special Topics in Interactive Journalism1 credit

Topics vary.