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MFL-398   Practicum in ESL/Bilingual Education1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

This practicum extends pre-service teachers' cultural sensitivity, theoretical knowledge of second language acquisition, and skills in ESL and bilingual methods through a professional experience with culturally/linguistically diverse students in a local school setting. The course is a collaborative venture among the college student, a bilingual or ESL teacher, and a college instructor. For each credit earned, participants spend 25 hours with elementary, middle school, or high school student(s) in local schools in addition to 20 hours involved in academic reading, writing, and seminar discussions. This field experience fulfills a requirement for the ENL (English as a New Language) and Bilingual Education endorsements for teacher certification in the state of Idaho. Students must complete an application packet prior to placement in a school. (Cross-listed as MFL-398.)

MFL-399   Advanced Readings in Modern Foreign Languages1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Independent readings and weekly conferences with a faculty supervisor. Appropriate for authors/ topics/literatures of special interest. May be repeated for credit.