Philosophy Courses (PHI)

PHI-150   Critical Thinking3.00 credits

A course in making and breaking arguments. Students will develop their abilities to identify, assess, and construct arguments. The course will cover fallacies and both deductive and non-deductive arguments. Students will explore the question of whether moral arguments present a special philosophical problem.

PHI-201   The Good Life3 credits

An exploration of philosophical and religious perspectives on happiness, the good life, and how we ought to live.

PHI-202   Bioethics3.00 credits

A study of contemporary issues such as abortion, physician-assisted suicide, rights of human research subjects, and how to pay for care. Students will study both theory and case analysis.

PHI-210   Human Nature and the Scientific World-View3 credits

A study of philosophical questions regarding what it is to be human, with particular attention to those posed by a scientific understanding of the world. Issues will include what it means to describe human behavior as “natural,” and whether explanations from the social and natural sciences conflict with our understanding of ourselves as free and responsible.

PHI-214   Introduction to Logic3 credits

An introduction to symbolic logic through first order predicate logic.

PHI-294   Independent Study3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Intended for non-majors or freshman/sophomore level students who have declared a philosophy major or minor. See independent study guidelines.

PHI-309   Feminist Philosophy3 credits

Prerequisites: FYS-101

A study of topics in feminist philosophy, which may include political theory and ethics.

PHI-310   Ancient Philosophy3 credits

Prerequisites: FYS-101

A survey of Western philosophy from the pre-Socratics through Aristotle.

PHI-311   Modern Philosophy3 credits

Prerequisites: FYS-101

A survey of Western philosophy from Hobbes to Kant.

PHI-320   Analytic Philosophy3 credits

A study of contemporary philosophy. The course will begin with early Analytic Philosophy and conclude with contemporary work on problems such as philosophy of mind and meta-ethics. Post-Modern Philosophy is not covered in this course.

PHI-321   Topics in Continental Philosophy3 credits

A study of one or more selected problems or figures from post-Kantian philosophy, primarily from the European continent. May be repeated for credit with Instructor permission.

PHI-331   Ethics3 credits

Prerequisites: FYS-101

A study of historical and contemporary works in ethical theory.

PHI-340   Environmental Philosophy3 credits

Prerequisites: FYS-101

A critical examination of environmental ethics and the philosophical theories on which they depend. Topics may include: animal welfare, utilitarianism, deep ecology, the land ethic, and eco-feminism.

PHI-351   Philosophy of Religion3 credits

A philosophical consideration of such fundamental ideas as the existence and nature of God, evil, miracles, freedom, and immortality with special attention given to religious language and to representative systems of thought.

PHI-399   Readings in Philosophy3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Directed readings in philosophy on a topic selected by the student, to be evaluated by quizzes, examinations, journals, and/or papers, as agreed upon with the instructor.

PHI-494   Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Research studies in philosophy for qualified students. See independent study guidelines. See independent study guidelines.

PHI-498   Philosophy Seminar1 - 4 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Advanced study in philosophy with intensive reading in such topics as ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, or the theory of knowledge as selected by the instructors. Students completing their major will present a paper to the class. Course is 1 credit per year for a maximum of 4 credits.

PHI-499   Senior Thesis1 - 2 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

A capstone experience for senior philosophy majors in which they will propose, research, write, and revise a senior thesis for formal presentation.