Art Courses

ART-100 Drawing and Composition3 credits

A study of the principles and elements of composition using an extensive selection of drawing media. Primary focus is on black and white.

ART-101 Basic Painting3 credits

Instruction in the basic principles of painting composition. Emphasis will be on the individual's creative development through the exploration of both opaque and transparent media.

ART-103 Ceramics3 credits

A basic introduction to pottery and sculptural forms in clay, using both hand and wheel methods. The course includes instruction in a variety of glazing and firing techniques, such as stoneware, raku, and low fire glazing.

ART-107 Digital Imaging3 credits

This course focuses on the creation of concept-driven digital images. Course will also cover design and composition through the manipulation of digital images using Adobe Photoshop as a creative tool.

ART-108 Introduction to Web Design3 credits

This introductory studio course will address visual and functional design in websites. Topics such as design, usability, navigation, hyperlinks, text and images will be covered through studio assignments using Adobe Creative Suite.

ART-120 Jewelry Making1 - 1 credits

This studio course will introduce students to jewelry design and construction using metal and other materials.

ART-125 Introduction to Raku Ceramics3 credits

A studio course exploring basic ceramic techniques, pottery design, and the Japanese quick fire method of Raku.

ART-128 Understanding Spirit in Art & Culture3 credits

This course will examine a variety of cultural groups where artistic, spiritual, and cultural experience are integrated or woven into the fabric of life as a whole. It will focus on Native American and other cultures where ritual, art, and daily life are not compartmentalized. The course will also include cross-cultural case studies and field trips.(Cross-Listed with ATH-128)

ART-130 Introduction to Design3 credits

A lecture and studio experience providing a conceptual basis for organizing both two- and three-dimensional space. Issues of line, color, shape and form will be explored through a variety of media.

ART-199T Special Topics in Art1 - 3 credits

These one-credit introductory topics offer students a variety of hands-on studio experiences. All courses will address basic design principles and artistic concepts, and will allow students to explore a variety of media. Topics may include: Handmade Paper and Books, The Sketchbook, The Ceramic Cup, Small Works, Color, Graphic Design, Artistic Transformations of the Human Body, and The Spirit of the Land.

ART-201 Visual Communication I3 credits

This introductory course will focus on graphic design and visual communication. Topics will include the use of basic typography, photography and illustration to convey compelling messages through studio assignments using Adobe Creative Suite. Students are encouraged to complete ART-130, Introduction to Design.

ART-202 Visual Communication II3 credits


This intermediate course covers techniques and theories of visual communication in print and web design. It will include studio assignments that develop refined use of typography, layout, images and interactivity using Adobe Creative Suite.

ART-207 Digital Video3 credits

This course covers the techniques, theories and skills of creating video. Concepts such as story boarding, editing, lighting and composition will be covered. Students will develop, shoot, and edit short video projects.

ART-230 Introduction to Sculpture3 credits

A studio course exploring a variety of media and techniques including modeling, carving, and assemblage. Related lectures explore the historical context of sculptors' approach.

ART-239 Ancient to Medieval3 credits

An introduction to basic art history terms and concepts and a survey of major western art works from pre-history to Fourteenth-century Europe. The course may include cross-cultural comparisons to place the works in the wider context of world art.

ART-240 Renaissance to Modern3 credits

A survey of key developments in the history of western art from fifteenth-century Europe to present. Cross-cultural comparisons will be made.

ART-294 Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Readings and research in art history for those with no previous art history background. See independent study guidelines.

ART-302 Drawing the Portrait3 credits

Prerequisites:ART-130 or instructor approved studio experience.

This studio course explores traditional and experimental approaches to portraiture. Students will consider a variety of issues including the factors contributing to a likeness, and the presentation of public versus private images of the sitter. A variety of media will be used, and some art-critical reading may be required.

ART-315 Printmaking3 credits

Prerequisites:ART-100, ART-130 or Instructor permission

A study of monoprints, block prints, and intaglio prints. A variety of techniques and concepts, including etching and dry point, will be explored.

ART-320 Advanced Studio Projects3 credits

Prerequisites:ART-130 and an introductory course appropriate to student's project

This advanced studio art course emphasizes the development of skills to create a substantial body of work that demonstrates technical competence, understanding of the chosen medium, effective composition, stylistic and thematic unity, conceptual sophistication and an understanding of how the work relates to art historical traditions. Students may choose to explore in depth ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking or mixed media. Skills in critical analysis will be developed through bi-weekly class critiques of student artwork, assigned readings, discussion of work of major artists, and written self-assessments. Before enrolling in this class, students must complete a basic studio course in their project's medium. Course may be repeated twice with a different project or medium.

ART-321 Graphic Design Studio3 credits

Prerequisites:ART-201 and ART-202

This advanced course focuses on the development of professional skills and techniques of visual communication using Adobe Creative Suite. Students complete independent projects in digital imaging, print or web design. Course may be repeated twice for credit with different projects.

ART-324 Picasso and 20th Centruy Art3 credits

Students will examine the major contributions Pablo Picasso made to Cubism, Surrealism, and Modernist Abstraction. Themes of eroticism, popular culture, violence, and political protest in the artist's work will also be considered. Some prior art history or upper-level humanities or social sciences course work is recommended.

ART-325 Art of the Romantic Era3 credits

A survey of western art from the mid-Eighteenth century to the Napoleonic period, focusing on the rise of Romantic individualism, and its importance for the art of our time. Some prior art history or upper-level humanities or social sciences course work is recommended.

ART-330 Figure Drawing3 credits


A studio course focusing on traditional and innovative approaches to rendering the human figure. A variety of media will be used.

ART-341 Modern Art: 1850-19403 credits

This course will cover the history of western art from Realism and Impressionism to the Surrealists. Movements to be considered include Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, German Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, Dada and Surrealism. Some prior art history or upper level humanities or social science course is recommended.

ART-342 Modern Art After 19403 credits

The course will cover the history of western art from the rise of New York as a new art-world capital to the more globally dispersed art-world of recent years. Some movements and developments to be considered are: Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Earthworks, Conceptual Art, Feminist Art, Performance Art, Video Art, Installation Art, and developments generally termed "Post-modernism". Some prior art history or upper level humanities or social science course is recommended.

ART-351 Auguste Rodin and Modern Sculpture3 credits

This course will survey Rodin's major sculptures such as "The Gates of Hell" and his monuments to important literary figures such as Honori de Balzac and Victor Hugo. It will consider Rodin's importance for later modern sculptors, and his role in re-defining the nature of public sculpture. Art history or upper level humanities or social science course is recommended prior to taking this course.

ART-400 Senior Exhibition3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Each student develops a conceptually and formally unified body of work that will be displayed in the Rosenthal Gallery of Art. All students are responsible for publicizing, organizing and hanging the exhibition.

ART-415 Professional Practices in Visual Arts2 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

This course will cover professional practices in the visual arts. Topics will include display, matting, framing, documenting artwork and the creation of a portfolio. It may include guest lectures and visits to local studios, museums and galleries.

ART-494 Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Approved reading and research studies in art history. See independent study guidelines.

ART-497 Internship1 - 3 credits

Specific internship projects which may include computer graphics, museum work, or various applied experiences in art.