Biomedical Research (INBRE)

Research by College of Idaho biology and chemistry faculty and students has been supported for several years by the INBRE Program (Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence), which aims to increase Idaho’s competitiveness for federal biomedical research funding. INBRE funding has supported the undergraduate research experiences of dozens of C of I students and the enhancement of campus laboratories.

More detailed information about INBRE summer fellowship opportunities is available here. For summer 2014, application materials, transcripts, and letters of reference are due by February 7, 2014.

Biomedical Research at The College of Idaho

Cellular Toxicology and Bone Health  - Dr. Sara Heggland

Examining the effects of endocrine disrupting contaminants on American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) inhabiting contaminated sites in Florida - Dr. Mark Gunderson

Isolation of flavonoid compounds from sagebrush and characterization of their antioxidant and anti-proliferative activity- Dr. Carolyn Dadabay

Antimicrobial activity of narrow-band gap semiconductors against S. aureus - Dr. John Thurston