Medical School

The College of Idaho is known for its tradition of excellent preparation for medical school. We believe each student is an individual with unique goals, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. We work with each student to find the most appropriate path to achieving their goals. Thus, there is not set “pre-med program” or major. Rather, you will explore areas of interest while completing the pre-requisite courses for medical school admission.

While we certainly have many biology and chemistry majors who are pursuing careers in medicine, we also have creative writing, anthropology, history, and political economy majors pursuing medicine as well. We believe that a student pursuing his/her passion is most likely to be successful and happy.

Medical Schools

The following links will provide a list of medical schools where a College of Idaho education will prepare you for success.

List of U.S. Medical Schools

List of Canadian Medical Schools

List of Osteopathic Medical Schools