Checklist of Important Dates

1. Sophomore Year


  1. Meeting of Sophomore and Junior biological sciences and pre-health science students
  2. Cultivate relationships with research group if interested in research opportunities


  1. Most students have finished the lower division core in biology, 8-16 chemistry units, 4-8 math units. This schedule is necessary for proceeding directly to graduate or professional school.
  2. Meeting of pre-health science students
  3. Declare major & obtain major advisor in biology, if not done already.
  4. If you are interested in biology research, begin talking with potential supervisors of research projects

2. Junior Year


  1. Meeting of Sophomore and Junior biological sciences and pre-health science students
  2. Apply and interview for winter Internships (if applicable).
  3. For students planning to attend graduate or health professions graduate school, begin planning of Independent Study/Research or Honors project.


IF planning to go to professional school:

  1. Apply for MCAT or other test (DAT, VAT) at least one month before test date (taking test in September of Senior year may delay acceptance).
  2. Take above test
  3. Send for AMCAS application materials
  4. Complete AMCAS application by June 1
  5. Request letters of recommendation
  6. Plan Biological Research or Honors Thesis project; begin independent work
  7. If interested in Honors Program, application is due.

3. Senior Year


IF planning to go to graduate/ professional school:

  1. Register for GRE (Advanced Biology, V, Q and A) in September.
  2. Take exam in October (you may prefer to do this earlier).
  3. Begin to write applications to schools of your choice.

IF planning to go to medical or other professional school:

  1. Take/retake MCAT/DAT/VAT in August (This is the last possible date for admission the following fall. Usually it is better to take these tests earlier).

IF planning to graduate in May,

  1. Apply for graduation (usually due by end of October)


  1. Complete Independent Study/Biological Research or Honors project, if not finished (latest date usually March).