Courses: General Biology

Courses Recommended for Biologists

For a career in biology, or for graduate study in biology or health sciences, students are strongly urged to include the following. Most graduate and professional schools require these courses for admission:

  • CHE-142 General Chemistry II: 4 units
  • CHE-301 and CHE-302 Organic Chemistry: 8 units
  • PHY-232/232L General Physics II or PHY-272/272L Analytical Physics II: 5 units
  • MAT-151 and MAT-152 Calculus: 8 units
  • MAT-212 Advanced Statistical Methods: 3 units

Those interested in a career in biology or graduate study in biology may elect to take additional courses in an appropriate field of biology (see Suggested Electives). Furthermore, a research project in biology is an excellent way to fulfill the college's independent work requirement. See Research in Biology for specific suggestions and guidance in developing a research project.

Examples of typical course schedules are offered in Examples of Shedules  to bring to each session with your adviser.