Courses: Specific Career Goals

Course Recommendations for Specific Career Goals

1. Field Biology

Students interested in any area of field biology are strongly encouraged to take GOL 101 Physical Geology and GOL 102 Historical Geology.

2. Medical Technology or Nursing

Medical technology or nursing schools typically require BIO 360 Microbiology as well as the courses recommended for graduate study. Be sure to contact specific schools for specific admission requirements.

3. Physical Therapy

These schools often require the following courses, but PT schools are not uniform in their requirements:

  • 1 year of physics
  • BIO-303-Human Anatomy and/ or BIO-304-Human Physiology
  • MAT-133 Intro. to Computers
  • MAT-112 Intro. to Statistics
  • PSY-100 General Psychology
  • PSY-404 Abnormal Psychology
  • CHE-141/ 142-General Chemistry

4. Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine

These schools typically require:

  • at least 1.5 years of biology with lab (must include BIO-330 Cell Biology)
  • 2 years of chemistry (including 1 year of Organic Chemistry (CHE 301/ 302)) with lab
  • 1 year of physics with lab (preferably calculus-based PHY 271/ 272)
  • college math, including some calculus (1 year)
  • college English (1 year of either literature, composition, or both)

Premedical students may take virtually any major. However, most premedical students major in biological sciences or chemistry because of the heavy emphasis on sciences in the premed curriculum. Exceptional students may major in a non-science field and take the equivalent of a minor in biology, chemistry, or other science. There is no single best way to get in to medical school. The key to a successful application is to become distinctive and well-rounded. One common way to distinguish yourself is by an outstanding independent research project. Another way is by consistently outstanding GPA in all fields and very high test scores. Gipson Honors students who have taken lots of science often get accepted. Another way is demonstrated, passionate commitment to serving others.