Important Reminders

1. Declare a Major

Complete no later than the spring pre-registration of the sophomore year. Your adviser should be a member of the faculty in the Biology Department.


2. Meetings to Attend

Informational meetings for all biology majors and students interested in health care professions are held during the Fall and Spring terms. Watch for the announcements on bulletin boards and in the Announcements link. One or more of the following topics will be discussed:

  • Graduation requirements and graduation with honors
  • Application process for graduate, medical, and other professional school, including AMCAS forms and interview preparation.
  • Preparation for admissions exams--GRE, MCAT, DAT, etc.
  • Other opportunities in biology.

3. GRE (or other) Test

The Educational Testing service is reducing the number of test dates for the GRE and phasing in a computerized version of the GRE that is available year round and provides you with test scores immediately and optional electronic score reporting. Up-to-date information may be obtained by calling 1-800-GRE-CALL or (609) 771-7679.

If you are planning to go on to graduate school, you should take the Advanced Biology section AND the Aptitude (General) sections of the GRE no later than the fall of your senior year so that the scores will be available when you apply.

Admission tests for health science schools (MCAT, DAT, etc.) are given in both the fall and the spring. (Warning: these may change from year to year. A schedule of dates will be posted on the bulletin board outside the biology office.) If you are planning to attend Medical (Dental) school in the fall following graduation, the MCAT (DAT) must be taken in April of the junior year and/or August of the senior year.

4. Honors Students

If you plan to graduate with Honors in your major field, see schedule in Departmental Honors.

5. Internships

If you plan to do an internship, see Opportunities for Students.