Post-Graduate Preparation

Additional Preparations for Graduate / Professional Study

It is important that students prepare themselves for graduate/professional study through activities outside the classroom, since all professional schools and most employers seek well-rounded individuals who are able to communicate with and relate to others. Students need to be well-read and to keep abreast of current issues.

Students improve their chances for admission to professional schools of all types by having some research/independent study experience. One of the graduation requirements of The College of Idaho is the satisfactory completion of independent work. Those students who elect to complete this requirement in the biology department may conduct a biological research study in an area of their choosing. The project may be supervised by a member of the biology department faculty or by an authorized individual or agency outside the College. Students preparing for graduate study (not in health care professions) are encouraged to take 3 - 6 units of biological research and/or an honors project as discussed in Opportunities as an Undergraduate and Departmental Honors  in Biology.

Summer jobs, in addition to earning money for educational purposes, should provide experiences in relating to people, helping others, becoming familiar with the chosen profession, gaining experience in research and/or understanding varied social and economic groups, as appropriate to the field of interest for graduate/professional training.

Students should be aware that physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, and veterinary medical schools require extensive experience in the field prior to admission; for example, application to many PT schools requires a minimum of 100 hours of internship and work experience.

The best approach to prepare for graduate or professional study is to obtain information regarding specific admissions requirements and recommendations for the professional programs that interest you. Do this well in advance, so that you can plan your course selections accordingly!

For students who have completed the sophomore year and have met the necessary requirements, internships are available to provide work experience in the chosen field.