General Education Resources


Thinkfinity is a partnership between Verizon and eight renowned educational organizations. The Thinkfinity network contains more than 47,000 educational resources. The web sites are geared primarily toward K-12 teachers, although some of the sites' resources are also appropriate for college-level work and for family activities. It was recently rated the "best site to download free lessons and materials" by the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

Martindale's "Reference Desk"

This is an amazing reference source for almost any topic available on the web. The link to educational sources is just a small part of the information available here.

U.S. Department of Education

This is the official home page for the United States Department of Education.  This site provides links to programs, policy, funding and more.

Government Databases - Education & Children

Select government databases pertaining only to children's education

Education Week on the Web

This site contains the full text of Education Week and Teacher Magazine

Education World

This database has over 120,000 searchable education web sites.

New York Times Learning Network

Free news and education resource for teachers. Includes lesson plans, vocabulary and geography builders and more.

Lesson Plan Search

A lesson plan search engine that includes lesson plans, thematic units, subject activities.

Learning Research and Development Center

LRDC has a twofold mission: to broaden our scientific insights to all aspects of learning and to support the use of research for instructional settings.

Lesson Plans Page

"Hot Chalk" Lesson Plans Page is a searchable site for teachers. Over 1000 free lesson plans are available for all grade levels and subject areas.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy contains over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments, with extensive resources available for many subjects.


KidLink is a site aimed at getting as many children in the age group 10-15 involved in a global dialog. Since 1990, 60,000 kids from 87 countries have participated.


A forum for kids to publish and read their own stories online.

Education 4 Kids

Interactive games available for kids in math, science, language and social studies.

Kids Web

Includes a collection of web sites for kids, lists of schools on the internet, and information on setting up your own site. There is also specific subject information for the arts, sciences, social studies and sports.

Global School House

The Global School House is the original virtual meeting place where educators, students, parents and community members can collaborate, interact, develop, publish and discover learning resources.


A fun and friendly site with a variety of resources such as links, lesson plans, guides, etc.


Thousands of lesson plans can be found here, as well as other resources on holidays, events, etc.


A social network designed for educators with lots of free educational materials.


TeachersFirst is a free, ad-free teacher resource web site offered as a service to teachers by a non-profit learning and technologies  corporation, The Source for Learning.