Science Resources

Science Gems

Frank Potter's Science Gems is a good resource for physical science, life science and earth science resources. It also has a search function that searches over 14,000 science sources.

The Image

This is a great site for a teachers interested in geology. It brings up a multitude of images that show different rock formations and that illustrate different geological concepts.

Untamed Science

This site is a great source for K-12 lessons in biology.

Pathfinder Science

An online community of teachers and students using technology to promote and engage in science learning. The web site includes threaded discussion areas, organizing protocols, data submission, retrieval from interactive databases, background information on the research areas, and a publication area for students to submit their own research work.

Science Web Quests

Teacher-designed web quests for K-12 science

The NASA Homepage

The home page for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Welcome to Quest!

The home of NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative

Bill Nye: The Science Guy

The Science Guy's home page. A great site for finding great ways to engage kids in science exploration.

Bridge Science

Marine biology lesson plans from many sources

Helping Your Child Learn Science

The U.S. Dept. of Education sponsors this home page listing many activities relating to science that you can do at home or in the community.

The Discovery Channel

The home page for TV's Discovery Channel

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

The Franklin Institute Science Museum's Home Page brings exhibits, resources and fun to your desktop.

San Francisco's Exploratorium Museum

San Francisco's Exploratorium has exhibits, news and resources for young and old to explore.

Science for the Millennium

NCSA's Multimedia Online expo, "Science for the Millennium" contains many pavilions of science and industry.

The Smithsonian's Ocean Planet Exhibit

This is an online exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.

Bad Science

The purpose of this site is to sensitize teachers and students to examples of the bad science often taught in schools/universities, in textbooks, and in the media.

Solar System Simulator

This site from the Jet Propulsion Lab uses NASA photographs to simulate the solar system. Fire up the simulator and choose your planet or satellite and a place to stand.

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation's home page