Human Performance Laboratory

In 2008, the Department of Health & Human Performance established a new Human Performance Laboratory in the JAAC building to enhance and enrich the students at The College of Idaho. The department has the use of the following equipment;

  • 5 Monark mechanically-braked bicycles
  • 1 Wingate Monark bike with dual weight baskets
  • Metabolic Cart VIASYSIS system with electric braked bike VIASYSIS P 150 and Tracmaster Treadmill
  • ParvoMedics TruOne 2400 Metabolic Cart with lode braked bike and Tracmaster Treadmill
  • Polar Heart Rate Watches
  • 2 Polar Heart Rate Watches plus GPS
  • Harpegen Skinfold Calipers
  • EKS fully enzymatic umperometric blood lactate analyzer
  • Hematocryte centrifuge
  • Hem 2 instrument to determine Hemaglobin and Hematocrit
  • OXYCON mobil breath by breath portable O2 instrument
  • 12 leed ECG
  • Hydrostatic weighing tank
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Esha Food Processor