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Joe Pickett '13 has accepted a summer internship with Idaho Trails Association, where he will organize and lead trail crews, as well as provide public education about Idaho's forests. (5/20/11)

Matthew Conner '10 will be taking a year off from school and moving back to Colorado. He then plans to return to school to seek a doctorate in mathematics. (6/2/10)

Scott Johnson '11 will be a research associate for the University of Oregon's Physics department during the summer of 2010. He will be researching methods of modeling cell membranes with lipid membrane coated microspheres with the goal of explaining fundamental colloidal physics, such as why like-charges can attract rather than repel in water. (6/1/10)

Trisha Randazzo '11 will be a research associate at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for the summer of 2010. She will be researching High Temperature Superconductor, Ionic Polymer Metallic Composites, Carbon Nano Tube, Wavelet Technology and Hyperspectral Remote Sensors and identify specific applications for space missions for each of these technologies. (6/1/10)

Bishal Paudel '11 will be participating in the Owensboro Cancer Research Program (OCRP) in Owensboro, KY. This program is a joint venture of James Graham Brown Cancer Center, and the University of Louisville School of Medicine. The program lasts for 10 weeks starting June 1. He will be working in the Cancer Research Lab in Brown Cancer Center in Owensboro. (6/1/10)

Jacob Hoadley '10 will be completing his teaching certification at the College of Idaho during Fall 2010. (6/1/10)

Alexandra Gertman '10 will be attending Boise State University beginning Fall 2010, where she will begin to work towards earning her M.S. in Mathematics, as well as working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. She will also be working on her 5th internship at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) this summer 2010. (05/11/10)

Monte Rinebold '12 will be a research associate at the University of Chicago Physics program during summer 2010. His research will be on non-linear dynamic systems. Monte will also be attending Columbia University in New York City, New York next Fall 2010. He has been accepted to the 3/2 Dual Degree Engineering Program and will be working toward earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.(05/11/10)

Joe Becker '12 has been accepted to the 3/2 Dual Degree Engineering Program at Columbia University in NY for Fall 2010. He will begin working toward earning his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He plans to attend graduate school after graduationg in 2012.(05/11/10)

Kevin Xu '12 is a Research Associate for ClearRock Capital LLC, a financial management and advisory company. He is accountable for the continued development of the company’s asset allocation optimization tools, the integration of the macro-economic outlook with the company’s model portfolios, the modeling, assessment, and maintenance of the company’s portfolios, and any other ancillary research. (9/23/09)

Esteban Cabrera '11 was awarded an Affiliation Scholarship to attend Washington University in St. Louis as part of the Dual Degree Engineering Program. He is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, which he plans to complete in two years. (9/03/09)