Religion Courses

REL-100 Introduction to World Religion3 credits

An introduction to both the variety of religious traditions across the world and the academic study of religion. This course examines the foundations, histories, and contemporary dynamics of world religions. A critical emphasis is placed on contemporary issues in world religions.

REL-112 New Testament Introduction3 credits

A survey of the books of the New Testament in relation to their socio-historical context within Jewish and Hellenistic culture.

REL-202 Christianity3 credits

An in-depth examination of the beliefs and practices of the Christian tradition. While the course has a historical component, special emphasis is placed on Christianity in contemporary culture.

REL-203 Buddhism3 credits

An introduction to the variety of religious experiences and expressions found in the Buddhist tradition, and the methods by which they are studied.

REL-204 Islam3 credits

An examination of the history, practices and beliefs of Islam from its origin to the present, including both Islam's unity and its diversity. Special emphasis is placed on issues in contemporary Islam.

REL-205 Native American Religions3 credits

An exploration of the diverse indigenous religious traditions of the Americas, with emphasis on the religion and spirituality of North American traditions.

REL-210 Japanese Religions3 credits

An exploration of the many religious traditions of Japan and the cultural and historical factors that influenced their development.

REL-212 Buddhism in America3 credits

An examination of the transmission, history, and contemporary landscape of Buddhism in the United States.

REL-220 Christian Spirituality3 credits

An introduction to the history and practice of spirituality in the Christian tradition, and the methods by which they are studied. Topics may include: historical and denominational contributions to the practice of spirituality; the historical split of the "sacred and secular" in Western Christianity; the nature and value of "spiritual disciplines" in personal and religious formation; the correlation of spiritual and psychological growth.

REL-225 Christian Theology3 credits

A survey of the most foundational and influential theologians and theological ideas of the Christian tradition.

REL-294 Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Research studies in religion for qualified students. See independent study guidelines.

REL-300 Zen3 credits

Prerequisites:One course religion or philosophy

A study of the doctrines, practices and institutional formations of the meditation school of Mahayana Buddhism in China, Korea, Japan and the contemporary West. Emphasis will be placed upon the transmission/creation of the tradition in China, its transmission/re-creation in medieval Japan and its transmission/re-creation in the West after World War ll.

REL-325 Ancient Greek Language and Literature I3 credits

A study of basic Classical and Hellenistic (Koine) Greek grammar and syntax with primary involvement in the New Testament.

REL-326 Ancient Greek Language & Literature II3 credits

Prerequisites:HIS-325 or REL-325

A continuation of REL-325 with a focus on the translation of selected Greek texts and the use of textual criticism.

REL-327 Greek Readings1 credit

Prerequisites:HIS-326 or REL-326

Reading and translation of Greek texts selected to meet student needs and interests. This course is designed to maintain and improve student proficiency in Greek (may be repeated for a total of 4 credits).

REL-340. Topics in Religion1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:One course in religion

An examination of specific issues, themes or figures in religion. Topics vary from year to year. See Courses listed below.

REL-348 Religion and Science3 credits

An examination of the historical, theoretical, and practical relationship between religion and science with an emphasis on contemporary issues and problems in religion and science.

REL-349 Religion and Nature3 credits

An examination of the complex relationship between humans and nature and how it manifests in religious attitudes, values, and practices across the world.

REL-350 Religion and Ethics3 credits

An examination of the various ways that religion and ethics manifest in historical and contemporary contexts.

REL-351 Philosophy of Religion3 credits

A philosophical consideration of such fundamental ideas as the existence and nature of God, evil, miracles, freedom and immortality with special attention given to religious language and to representative systems of thought.(Cross-listed as PHI-351)

REL-399 Readings in Religion1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Directed readings in religion on a topic selected by the student, to be evaluated by quizzes, examinations, journal and/or papers, as agreed upon with the instructor.

REL-494 Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Research studies in religion for qualified students. See independent study guidelines.

REL-497 Internship1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

Individually arranged internships designed to provide practical experience in the work and organization of religious institutions. Periodic reports and papers may be required.

REL-498 Religious Studies Seminar3 credits

An advanced study of the foundational methods and theories of religious studies and recent trends in the field.

REL-499 Senior Thesis1 - 2 credits

Prerequisites:Instructor permission

A capstone experience for senior religion majors in which they will propose, research, write and revise a senior thesis for formal presentation.