Political Economy

At The College of Idaho, we do not study political science and economics as two separate disciplines. We believe it is superior to study the two together, allowing us to analyze how economics affect politics while also studying the effect that government policies have on the economy. This approach follows the traditions of Adam Smith, John Locke, and Karl Marx as well as modern thinkers such as Thomas Piketty, Sven Steinmo, Ha-Joon Chang, and Paul Krugman. Our department further embraces the challenge of wrestling with important normative and moral questions of political economy regarding how to improve the human condition. We do this by breaking down artificial boundaries commonly accepted in political science and economics programs elsewhere and by committing our students to appreciate culture and history as they examine the institutions, rules, and policies that shape social change.

The value of this approach is reflected in the extraordinary success of our alumni. (Click on Alumni Pathways to the right for more information.) Graduates of our program have gone on to law school at Notre Dame, the University of California, the University of Texas, the University of Washington, the University of Utah, George Mason, Gonzaga, Santa Clara, and Harvard. Our alumni have flourished in such varied business environments as JP Morgan Chase, Bodybuilding.com, and The Boise Weekly. In government, our graduates are influencing policy in Washington DC and as Governor of Idaho. Internationally, our alumni can be found all over the world (London, Geneva, Prague, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Managua, Santiago) working in numerous sectors (law, business, education, public service, non-profit work) including, in the past, as the U.S. Ambassador to Laos.

At The College of Idaho in our Department of Political Economy we provide students with a unique perspective on the world through rigorous classes that focus on collaborative learning processes that are unrivaled in success upon graduation.