Research & Projects

Sterry Hall

The Psychology Department is located in rooms 103-105


Dr. Minear's Cognitive Plasticity Lab.

From the welcome page, "Plasticity, the ability of the brain to change in response to the environment, is at the heart of what we study. How does what we experience be it media, education, video games, meditation or other experiences affect our ability to pay attention, to learn and to successfully pursue our goals? What changes might recent developments in technology and how we spend our leisure time affect our minds?  Are these changes largely for the better or are some for the worse? Can we deliberately choose and design experiences that will target and improve specific mental processes and will they show transfer to real world outcomes?" Find out more about Dr. Minears research!

Student research organizations in Psychology

Several professional organizations in psychology are strongly supportive of undergraduate research. We strongly urge all majors to consider joining one or both of the following organizations. Both have numerous resources that will enrich your undergraduate research experience and help you as you move toward graduation and/or graduate or professional school.

Association for Psycholgical Science Student Caucus (APSSC)

American Psychological Association Student Affiliate