Educational Requirement

The IRB requires that PI/PDs and research personnel comply with the C of I policy regarding education related to the protection of the rights and welfare of research participants prior to conducting research.

Completion of the required NIH modules ( constitutes adequate training. Please retain your Certificate of Completion containing your Certification Number and the date that you completed the training. You will be required to provide this information on any request for review.

It is the responsibility of the PI/PD to ensure that research personnel are qualified and adequately trained in the protection of the rights and welfare of human participants.

C OF I faculty who serve as research sponsors or advisors are expected to understand the regulatory and ethical considerations for research with human participants, and as such, must comply with these educational requirements whether or not they are engaged in the research.

If this educational requirement is not met, any proposal submitted to the IRB will not be reviewed until all members of the research team have completed the NIH training.