Alumni Authors

College of Idaho Alumni Authors

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Strata.  Bookman, 2004.  Sower.PS3551.F23.A37.2004

The Scar.  Xlibris, 2001.  Sower.PS3551.F23.A38.2001

The Peccavi File. Xlibris, 2000.  PS3551.F23.A35.2000

The Predators.  Xlibris, 1998.  PS3551.F23.A36.1998


The Fantasy Tradition in American Literature. Indiana Univ. Press, 1980.    PS374.F27.A86

"The Beginning Place: LeGuin's Metafantasy."   Children's Literature, an International Journal, Inc., Vol. 10, 1982.

"On a Far Shore: The Myth of Earthsea."   Extrapolation,  Vol. 21, No. 3, 1980.

Strategies of Fantasy.  Indiana Univ. Press, 1992.   PS374.F27.A87.1992

Norton Book of Science Fiction. Norton, 1993.   PS648.S3.N66.1993

Idaho Folklife: Homesteads to Headstones (contributions by Brian Attebery). Univ. of Utah Press, 1985.   GR110.I2.I3.1985

Decoding Gender in Science Fiction.  Routledge, 2002.  PS374.S35.A84.2002

"Fantasy as Mode, Genre, Formula," In Fantastic Literature: A Critical Reader, edited by David Sander  Praeger, 2004  PN56.F34.F36.2004


"Building Idaho: An Architectural History".  Univ. of Idaho Press, 1991.

Building With Logs:  Western Log Construction in Context.  Univ. of Idaho Press, 1998.  TH1101.A78.1998


Idaho Folklife: Homesteads to Headstones , (edited and introduction by Louie Attebery). Univ. of Utah Press, 1985.   GR110.I2.I3.1985

"The Fiddle Tune: An American Artifact,"  Readings in American Folklore, W. W. Norton,  1975,  pg. 324.

"Vardis Fisher." A Literary History of the American West, TX Christian Univ. Press,  1987.

"Phil Stong's Buckskin Breeches." Palimpsest, Vol. 68, No. 4, 1987,  pg. 184.

"The American West and the Archetypal Orphan."  Western American Literature,  Vol. V, No. 3, 1970,  pg. 205.

Northwest Folklore, (Editor)

"Family Lore From Southwestern Idaho."  Northwest Folklore, Vol. 6, No. 2, 1988.

"Rural Legends From the Snake River Valley."  Northwest Folklore, Vol. 6, No. 2,  1988.

"The Editor's Smokehouse."  Northwest Folklore,  Vol. 6, No. 2, 1988.

"The College of Idaho, 1891-1991:  A Centennial History."   Caldwell, ID:  The College, 1991.    LD2301.I377.A88.1991

"The Most of What We Spend:  A Biography of Robert L. Hendren, Jr.,  West Shore Press,  1998.   LD2301.I417.H45.1998

"Sheep May Safely Graze:  A Personal Essay On Tradition and a Contemporary Sheep Ranch",  University of Idaho Press,  1992.   SF375.4.I2.A88.1992


The Sunshine Mine Disaster, A Book of Poetry, University of Idaho Press, 1995.  PS3552.R59.S86.1995

Nearly Florida, Anhinga Press, Tallahassee, FL, 2000.  PS3552.R59.N43.2000


Directory of Oral History Resources in Idaho, (co-author).  Idaho State Historical Society,  1982.


One Time, Carlton Press, 1992.


"Fulfilling the Second Objective in the Online Catalog: Schemes for Organizing Author and Work Records into Usable Displays." Library Resources & Technical Services, v.41,no.2, April, 1997,   pg. 79-100.  **Winner of the Jesse H. Shera Award for Distinguished Published Research.

"User Categorization of Works:  Toward Improved Organisation of Online Catalogue Displays."  Journal of Documentation, v.55, no.2, March, 1999, pg. 184-208.

"Special Section:  Organizing Internet Resources:  Metadata and the Web."  Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science, v. 24, no.1, Oct./Nov. 1997.  (Guest editor, with Efthimis N. Efthimiadis)

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"Ordering Author and Work Records:  An Evaluation of Collocation in Online Catalog Displays."  Journal of the American Society for Information Science, v.47, no.7, July, 1996, pg. 538-554.

"Matching LCSH and User Vocabulary in the Library Catalog."  Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, v.10, 1989, pg. 37-63.


Women Airforce Service Pilots, WWII: Class 43-W-2,   Broadway Printing, 1991.  Z999.C43. ARCHIV

*See also Gott, Kay


Challenging the Rules: Litigation and Bargaining in the Administrative Process. Thesis (PhD) University of Michigan, 1994.

Disputes and Disturbance In the Regulatory Process.  Harvard Univ.  1996.

Assessing Consensus: The Promise and Performance of Negotiated Rulemaking. Harvard Univ. Press, 1997.

Getting the Message Out: Regulatory Policy and the Press. Harvard Univ. Press, 1998.


"Laboring in My Savior's Vineyard:  The Mission of Eliza Hart Spalding."  (Dissertation--Doctor of Philosophy--Bowling Green State Univ.),  1988.  BX9225.S52D38 1988

EAGAN,  LENA B.  '67

Sea Songs and Other Things.  Gold Quill Publishers, Inc.,  1972.


The Present Politics of the Past: Indigenous Legal Activism and Resistance to (Neo) Liberal Governmentality.  Routledge, 2004.   GN380.E83.2004


Selected Poems. Cold-drill Books, 1984.


British Empire Before the American Revolution. Knopf, 1936-1970.


Women In Pursuit: Flying Fighters For the Air Transport Command Ferrying Division During WWII: A Collection & Recollection.  K. Gott, 1993.

HALKER, CLARK D.  '76   

 For Democratic Workers, and God:  Labor Song-Poems and Labor Protest, 1865-95.   Urbana, Univ. of Illinois Press,  1991.    PS310.W67.H35.1991

HALL,  JOAN  '68   

 "Dare--The View From the Letter F",   Dictionaries, Vol. 1,  pg. 25-46  1979.

Review of David W. Maurer, Language of the Underworld, South Atlantic Quarterly,  Vol. 82,  pg. 341-42  S/1983.

"Black Speech: Lexical Evidence From DARE."  Language Variety in the South, Univ. of AL Press,  1985.

"Biracial Dialectology: Six Years Into the Georgia Survey", Journal of English Linguistics,  Vol. 9, pg.18-25   3/1975.

Review of Calvin S. Brown, A Glossary of Faulkner's South, American Speech,  Vol. 51, pg. 238-43   F-W/1976.

Review of J. L. Dillard, American Talk, Where Our Words Came From, Journal of Linguistics,  Vol. 12, pg. 71-75    3/1978.

Dictionary of American Regional English. (Associate Editor) Belknap Press, 1985.


The College of Idaho...Where Students Become Scholars,  The Newcomen Society of the United States,   1989.   LD2301.I377.H46.1989


Clipper For Christ: A Treasury of Inspirational Quotations.  Salem Printing & Blueprint, Inc.


Genetics and Conservation of Rare Plants.  (Editor)  Oxford Univ. Press,  1991.


The Harvard Architecture Review IV, Monumentality and The City. (Editor-in-Chief)  1984.


A Life on the Line,  May Davenport Publishers, Los Altos, CA.  2002.       J Fic H


The Artists Behind the Work.  (Co-Author)  Univ. of Alaska,  1986.

Eskimo Dolls.  (Co-Author)  Alaska State Council on the Arts,  1982.

Folk Art of the Oregon Country.  (Co-Author)  Oregon Arts Commission,  1980.

Native Arts Issues 81/82.  (Co-Author)  Alaska State Council on the Arts, 1982.

Oregon Folklore.  Univ. of Oregon,  1977.

Pacific Basket Makers, A Living Tradition.  (Co-Author)  Univ. of Alaska Museum, 1983.

Webfoots and Bunchgrassers: Folk Art of the Oregon Country.


A Beginner's Guide to the Books of the Bible.  (Co-Author)  Augsburg Pub. House, 1991.  BS475.2.J334.1991

Called to Care:  Biblical Images for Social Ministry.  Fortress Press, 1991.  BS680.S47.K97.1991

Easter:  Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year.  (Co-Author)  Fortress Press, 1994.  B4223.P713.C5

The Fourth Evangelist and His Gospel:  An Examination of Contemporary Scholarship.  Augsburg Pub. House, 1975.  BS2615.2.K9

Greek for Preachers.  (Co-Author)  Chalice Press, 2002.  PA817.W34.2002

I, II, III John.  Augsburg Pub. House,  1986.  BS2805.33K87.1986

John.  Augsburg Pub. House, 1986.  BS2615.3.K97.1986

John, the Maverick Gospel.  John Knox Press, 1976.  BS2615.2.K93

John, the Maverick Gospel.  John Knox Press, 1993.  BS2615.2.K93.1993

John's Story of Jesus.  Fortress Press, 1984.  BS2615.2K9333.1984

Lent, series C.  (Co-Author)  Fortress Press, 1988.  BV4241.P736.C3

Opening the Bible:  What is it, Where it came from, What it means for you.  Augsburg Pub. House, 1999.  BS480.K97.1999

Preaching Doctrine:  For the Twenty-First Century.  Fortress Press, 1997.  BV4235.D63.H84.1997

Preaching John.  Fortress Press, 2002.  BS2615.3.K98.2002

The Scandal of Lent:  Themes for Lenten Preaching in the Gospel of John.  Augsburg Pub. House, 1982.  BS2615.5.K97

Stumbling in the Light:  New Testament Images for a Changing Church.  Chalice Press, 1999.  BS2545.C5.K97.1999

KURTZ,  EDITH  '19   

 Sagebrush Homesteaders.  V.O. Printers,  1990.


Voyages with John: Charting the Fourth Gospel.  Baylor University Press, 2005. Sower.BS2615.52.K97.2005


 Mason Brayman: Chinese Lover, Mormon Lover, Indian Lover.  1985

Rocky Mountain Carpetbaggers:  Idaho's Territorial Governors 1863-1890.  Univ. Press of ID  1982

The Changing Pacific Northwest:  Interpreting Its Past.  (Author of an essay in this publication.) WA State Univ. Press,  1988.


 "Groups and Meetings", Developing the Municipal Organization.  International City Management Association, Sec. 8, pg. 113-24    1974.

"Important Role of Human Resources Management in Organizational Effectiveness", New World of Managing Human Resources.  CA Institute of Technology,  pg.II:5-01-05   1979.

"Leadership and Morale", Doctoral Dissertation, Univ. of Chicago,  1960.

"Union Pacific Railroad Attempts Turnaround", Discovering Human Resources.  Human Resources Center, Univ. of Chicago.

"Development of a Training Manager", Training and Development Journal, Vol.23,No.7,  pg. 28-31   7/1969.

"Role Playing In An Industrial Conflict", Group Psychotherapy-A Quarterly, Vol. X, No. 2,   6/1957.

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"Leadership Training--A Dirty Word?", Advance,   3/1966.

"A Challenge-Management by Objectives", Community United Way of America,  Vol. 47, No. 1,   1-2/1972.

Management by Objective Workbook, The Management Seminars, Univ. of Chicago.

The Design Group Handbook, Human Resource Center, Univ. of Chicago.

"Changing Approaches to Management", Management Seminars, Univ. of Chicago,  1970.

"Leadership Through Management By Objectives", Management Seminars,  1971.

"Some Strategies for Leadership Development", Management Seminars, 1971.

"The Management of Change", Public Management,  Vol. 27, No. 12,   12/1965.


Our First Hundred Years:  A Biography of Lower Boise Valley. Caxton Printers,  1976.


Society in Revolutionary North Carolina.  NC Dept. of Cultural Resources, Div. of Archives and History,  1976.


 Sex, Gender and the Politics of ERA: A State and the Nation.  Oxford Univ. Press,  1990.   HQ1236.5.U6.M38.1990

Religion in the Old South. Univ. of Chicago Press 1977.    BR535.M37

Agitation for Freedom: The Abolitionist Movement, editor.    Wiley Press   1972.  E449.M427

Slavery and Methodism: A Chapter in American Morality 1780-1845,  Princeton Univ. Press  1965.  E449.M428


"'Mighty England Do Good':  the Major English Denominations and Organisation for the Support of Foreign Missions in the Nineteenth Century," in  Missionary Encounters: Sources and Issues,  ed. R. Bickers, and R. Seton, Richmond, Surrey:  Curzon,1996.

"Civic Culture, Women's Foreign Missions, and the British Imperial Imagination, 1860-1914", in Paradoxes of Civil Society, New Perspectives on Modern German and British History, ed. Frank Trentmann, New York and Oxford: Berghahn 1999.  JC337.P37.1999


Idaho Anthem.  F746.M66.2000

MURPHY,  PAUL L.  '47       

 The Constitution in Crisis Times.  Harper & Row, 1972.

The Passaic Textile Strike of 1926.  Wadsworth,  1974.

WWI and the Origin of Civil Liberties in the United States. W.W. Norton,  1979.


Es'kia Mphahlele:  Themes of Alienation and African Humanism.  Ohio University Press,  1998.      PR9369.3.M67.Z83.1998


Just West of Now:  Poems.  Montreal: Guernica,  1992.  PS3568.A68.J88.1992

Labor Songs.  Montreal: Guernica  1997.

"Sentences of Self and Blood and Sea:  The Poetry of Sandra M. Gilbert" in Beyond the Margin:  Readings in Italian Americana, ed. Paolo A Giordano and Anthony Julian Tamburri, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Presses,  1998.  PS153.I8.B495.1998

Parents from a Different Alphabet. Toronto: Guernica, 2008.

REARICK,  CHARLES  '64       

 The French in Love and War: Popular Culture in the Era of the World Wars.  Yale Univ. Press,  1997.   DC33.7.R397.1997

Pleasures of the Belle Époque" Entertainment and Festivity in Turn-Of -The-Century France. Yale Univ. Press,  1985.   GV79.R43.1985

Beyond the Enlightenment: Historians and Folklore in Nineteenth Century France.  Indiana Univ. Press,  1974.    DC36.9.R36.1974


 Crossing the Waters to Liberty:  The Story of Eileen and Patrick Murphy in Ireland.  Gateway Press,  1985.

ROBERTS,  JOHN ALLAN  '72       

 The Fruit of Your Thoughts: Insights Of Peter Rosen.  Roaring Lion Publishing Co.,  1997.   BJ1581.2.R637.1997

ROBERTSON,  DONALD B.  '44       

 Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History:  The Desert States, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah.  Caxton Printers,  1986.

SCHROEDER,  GERALD  '61       

 Phenomena!  Triangle of the Sons.  Frank Casteel Publishing,  1983.


 Trout Streams.  1986.    Z999.S78.ARCHIV

THOMASON,  FRANK J.  '70       

 "The Criminal Division of the Berlin Police Organization, 1877-1910",  Journal of Police Science and Administration,  Vol. 2, No. 4, pg.429,  12/1974.

TRACY,  PAUL  '17       

 Sego & Sage.  1975.

Owyhee Horizons, Verses and Prose.  Caxton Printers,  1968.

VENN,  GEORGE  '67     

 West of Paradise.  Wordcraft of Oregon, 1999.

Marking the Magic Circle: Poetry, Fiction & Essays.  Oregon St. Univ. Press,  1987.  PS3572.E48.M3.1987

Off The Main Road: Poems.  Prescott Street Press,    1978.  PS3572.E48.O36

Sunday Afternoon: Grande Ronde.  Prescott Street Press,   1975.  PS3572.E48.S8

Poems include:

"Tidal Zone: A Fable."  Poetry International, Vol.5 (2003), p.23

"World According to Apples" Windfall, Vol.2, No.1 (Fall 2003). p.5-6

"Poem Against the First Grade."  College Composition and Communication, Vol. 25, No. 2. (May, 1974), p. 172. (Link to JSTOR content will work on ACI campus only)

""Forgive Us..." In the Heydays of His Eyes: An Anthology of Poems about Being Young and Growing Up. Ed. Robert O'Neil.

Nonfiction includes:

"Singing the Silver Valley Cannonball." Idaho Yesterdays, Vol.43, No.3 (1999), p.3

"Keeping the Swarm: A Northwest Exploration of Place." Western American Literature, Vol. 30, No.1 (1995), p.59

"Song of the Miner," "Interview with the Gun from Idaho," "The Gun From Idaho," and "Ghigleri's Cannonball," all in Way Out in Idaho: A Celebration of Songs and Stories. Ed. Rosalie Sorrels. Confluence Press, 1991.  F746.6.W39

WELLS,  DONALD N. '46       

 Mason Brayman: Chinese Lover, Mormon Lover, Indian Lover.  1985.

WELLS, MERLE W.   '41       

 Anti-Mormonism in Idaho, 1872-92.   Brigham Young Univ. Press,  1978.

An Atlas of Idaho Territory, 1863-90.   Idaho Historical Society,   1978.  G1481.S1.A8.R

Boise, an Illustrated History.   Windsor Publications,  1982. F754.B65.W44.1982

The Creation of the Territory of Idaho.  Pacific Northwest Quarterly,  V. 40, No. 2,  April, 1949, pp. 106-123

Gold Camps & Silver Cities: Nineteenth Century Mining In Central and Southern Idaho.  Dept. of Lands, Bureau of Mines and Geology,  1983.  F746.W45.1983

Heat From the Earth's Surface: Early Development of Western Geothermal Resources.   Sunflower Univ. Press  1971.

History of Idaho.  Lewis Historical Publishing Co.  1959.    F746.B335.R

Idaho, A Study in Statehood and Sectionalism, 1863-90.    Thesis, Univ. of California  1947.   JK7501.W44

Idaho, Gem of the Mountains.  Windsor Publications,   1985.  F746.W43.1985

Rush to Idaho.   Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology   No. 19,  1963.

Steel Rails and Territorial Tales: Forty Months Building the Oregon Short Line Railroad Through Idaho:  A Memoir.  Limberlost Press, 1994.  HE2791.O74.C65.1994