Grant Procedures

grant procedures

The primary administrative contact for grant proposal submissions is the Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations (DFR), who can help faculty members identify appropriate sources of funding and create a strong, well-focused and competitive proposal.

Because a grant award is a binding contract between the sponsoring agency and The College of Idaho, each proposal must be reviewed and authorized before submission. The forms needed for grant approval and submission and the signatures that are required vary from grant to grant. In general, all grants require review by the DFR and VP-level approvals and institutional grants also require approval by the President.

Internal routing forms for authorization and submission of proposals and other supporting documents are available on the Grant Forms and Documents page.

resources and services for grant proposals and award administration:

Services available through the Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations address the five main aspects of grant development: 1) planning; 2) writing and editing; 3) submitting the application; 4) awarding funds; and 5) reporting, as well as compliance with federal or foundation guidelines.

Time is the grant writer’s worst enemy. The natural and understandable tendency is to write and submit grants at the last minute, just before the deadline. But hurrying doesn’t favor development of a strong and convincing proposal, so allow plenty of time: several months to conceive, develop, edit and submit a competitive grant proposal is not unusual.

Services for faculty:

  • Help identify funding sources, discuss grant-seeking and research strategies, and match the scope and focus of the project with the agency's funding priorities
  • Provide resources to help faculty write effective proposals, including interpreting guidelines, budget preparation, matching funds and editing proposals
  • Assistance with institutional routing forms for grant applications
  • Coordinate and support collaborative or cross-departmental grant applications
  • Track faculty grant applications and check conformity with institutional and foundation guidelines
  • Liaison with funding source on administrative matters (budget revisions, no-cost extensions, filing certifications, agreements, and other institutional reports, etc.)
  • Management of subawards and subawardees
  • Compliance with federal and foundation guidelines (FCOI, RCR, Effort reporting...)