For First Year Students

Expand Your Horizons

Our first-year students can challenge themselves academically from Day One

300-Level Courses Suitable for First Year Students


ATH-306 Visual Anthropology 3 credits

For first year students with strong writing skills, the following 300 level Anthropology courses would also be suitable:

  • ATH-300 Anthropology and Art 3 credits
  • ATH-302 Ritual, Myth and World View 3 credits
  • ATH-308 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective 3 credits
  • ATH-309 Cross-Cultural Approaches to the Environment 3 credits

For first year students with strong writing skills, the following Sociology courses would be suitable:

  • SOC-302 Gender and Society 3 credits
  • SOC-320 Family Sociology 3 credits
  • SOC-323 Socialization and the Life Course 3 credits
  • SOC-330 Criminology 3 credits
  • SOC-360 Race and Ethnic Relations 3 credits


The following Art history courses are suitable for academically confident first year students:

  • ART-325 Art of the Romantic Era 3 credits
  • ART-341 Modern Art: 1850-1940 3 credits
  • ART-342 Modern Art After 1940 3 credits
  • ART-351 Auguste Rodin & Modern Sculpture 3 credits


The following history courses may be taken by confident first year students with good writing skills.

  • HIS-300 The United States Since 1945 3 credits
  • HIS-304 The American Westward Movement 3 credits
  • HIS-306 The American South Since 1865 3 credits
  • HIS-308 The War in Vietnam& America in the 1960s 3 credits
  • HIS-309 The American Civil War 3 credits
  • HIS-310 The 1850s 3 credits
  • HIS-337 Modern Russia & the USSR 3 credits
  • HIS-339 National Socialism & the Final Solution 3 credits
  • HIS-341 The Great Depression 3 credits
  • HIS-368 Jewish History 3 credits

The following history courses may be taken by confident first year students with good writing and research skills.

  • HIS-303 The Terror: Radicalism, Language and Violence in the French Revolution, 1789-1795 3 credits
  • HIS-311 To Kill a King: The English Civil War 1638-1659 3 credits
  • HIS-338 Modern India 3 credits
  • HIS-344 Medieval Europe 3 credits
  • HIS-346 Reformation of the 16th Century 3 credits
  • HIS-352 England to 1688 3 credits
  • HIS-378 Liberation Theology 3 credits
  • HIS-381 Military & Society in Latin America 3 credits
  • HIS-XXX Women in Latin America 3 credits
  • HIS-XXX Pre-Columbian Meso-America 3 credits


  • MUS-315.01 Beethoven 2 credits
  • MUS-318 Listening to Music 2 credits
  • MUS-327 Musical Theatre/Opera Workshop 1 credit
  • MUS-399T.1-01 The Broadway Musical 3 credits

Political Economy Courses:

  • POE-304 The Presidential Election of XXXX (the year changes each time) 3 credits
  • POE-350.2 Feminist Political Philosophy 3 credits
  • POE-399 Model United Nations 1 credit

Philosophy and Religion

Students with good research skills may be capable of taking the following 300 level courses during Spring term:

  • PHI-310 Ancient Philosophy 3 credits
  • PHI-311 Modern Philosophy 3 credits
  • PHI-331 Ethics 3 credits


With permission, students (preferably with some theatre experience in high school) may be eligible to take any 300-level applied course (applied scenery, lighting, costumes, etc.)

Strong students may also take:

  • THE-320 Theatre History I 3 credits
  • THE-321 Theatre History II 3 credits
  • THE-322 Theatre History III 3 credits

The PEAK Guide is intended to be used by College of Idaho students, in conjunction with the Catalog and Course Schedule and in collaboration with faculty advisors, to develop individualized academic plans. The Guide does not substitute for the Catalog, which serves as the official record the curriculum, nor does it substitute for discussions with faculty and other trusted advisors, but it does provide background information on all of the College's major and minor programs and useful advice for the implementation of academic plans.