Guided Exploration

Exploring together

Our knowledgeable faculty, staff and student mentors will help you through every step of the PEAK process

Guided exploration is integral to a student receiving sufficient breadth in the liberal arts. Knowing that interests are likely to change over time, students are encouraged to explore all areas considered part of the liberal arts tradition - particularly those areas which lie outside of their chosen major and minors.

Of the 124 credits required to graduate, roughly two-thirds should be dedicated to major and minor programs, the other third should be dedicated to exploration. Extracurricular and co-curricular experiences also contribute to exploration of the liberal arts and professional studies.

Exploration does not mean adding more majors or minors beyond those required under PEAK. Rather, breadth in education is achieved when one is stretched beyond established interests and is challenged by exploring new areas of study and ways of thinking.

The College of Idaho curriculum values both depth and breadth, which can be accomplished through majors and minors completed from across the curriculum and through exploration of courses and disciplines outside a student's selected programs.