Study Away

The entire world is a classroom for College of Idaho students. During the last two years, C of I faculty have led month-long study courses in France, Australia, London, and Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. Students of all majors can explore English history and culture, coastal ecosystems in Australia, the slow food movement in Italy, environmental policy and literature, and much more through the College's diverse array of off-campus courses.

Learn more about the experiences of College of Idaho students taking part in these off-campus courses below. Discover how each of these courses complement and enrich the C of I experience by visiting the following pages for more information, photos and videos:

Study abroad opportunities -  Application Deadline for Spring 2015 Travel is September 29th 

We believe that engaging in serious study of a region, while at the same time immersing yourself in it, is the richest kind of education. The College of Idaho offers two types of off-campus study opportunities:

During the past few years, C of I faculty have led study tours to such places as Australia, China, Florida, France, Greece, Italy, London, Mexico, and Peru. C of I students also can study for a semester or more in more than 50 countries through our partner institutions.

Bon Voyage!