Study Away

let's go! Study Away Forum

 When: Tuesday, February 17, 6:30p.m.

Where: Simplot South

What: "Let's Go!" Please attend the Study Away Forum to learn about Summer 2015, Fall 2015 study abroad, and faculty-led Winter 2016 study abroad courses. You will meet  your distinguished, returning study abroad classmates -- and -- will receive presentations from representatives from ACM and USAC. Learn how to obtain your passport, fund your trip, and prepare your applications.

off-campus study opportunities 

We believe that engaging in serious study of a region, while at the same time immersing yourself in it, is the richest kind of education. The College of Idaho offers two types of off-campus study opportunities:

During the past few years, C of I faculty have led study tours to such places as Australia, China, Florida, France, Greece, Italy, London, Mexico, and Peru. C of I students also can study for a semester or more in more than 50 countries through our partner institutions.

Bon Voyage!

Irish American scholars applications due January 27, 2015 for fall term 2015

College of Idaho students are invited to apply to the Irish American Scholars program for study in Northern Ireland, Fall Term 2015. Please visit Irish American Scholars for details.Please submit your complete application to Steve Barnes (KAIC 211) on or before January 27. 

Please contact Stephen Barnes for more information.

Summer program in qingdao, China, July 12-august 9, 2015

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Ocean University of China! Beginning Summer 2015, OUC and C of I will offer a four week intensive Chinese language study immersion program for College of Idaho students in the scenic seaside city of Quingdao. Please contact Stephen Barnes for more information. Application deadline: April 1, 2015.