Edmond Walsh

Admission Representative

Hometown: I grew up all over the Pacific Northwest, but my hometown would have to be Idaho Falls.

Best Thing about C of I: The College of Idaho does a phenomenal job at providing a personalized education. Whether it's through our PEAK cirriculum, small class sizes, or club involvement, you can bet that you will have a college experience that suits you and your passions.

How did you discover The College of Idaho? My debate coach in high school told me it was the best in-state option. I was interested, so I applied and graduated with degrees in History and Art.

Yotie Shout-Out: This one goes out to Dr. Mee-Ae Kim! She has done so much to make sure that my experience at the College was comfortable, but she also pushed me to become a better student. I consider her one of my very good friends.

#1 C of I Memory: C of I springs will always be my favorite memories. The weather is beautiful so almost all activities are happening outside and there is always so much going on. If you're lucky, you can talk your professor into having class outside!