Erin Lasher


Admission Counselor

Hometown: I was raised in Pendleton, Oregon, and went to college in McMinnville, Oregon.

Best Thing About C of I: This place is truly special. Every student I’ve come across is genuinely happy and excited to share their college experience. Also, the food is amazing!

Best College Search Advice for Students: Do your research! With so many colleges out there, it can be easy to get lost in all the information. Make sure to visit the college’s website, take a tour, and talk to your Admission Counselor at any school you’re interested in. 


  • Washington 
  • Magic Valley/Sun Valley 
  • North Idaho 
  • Southeast States- AR, LA, AL, GA, NC, SC, KY, TN, FL, MS

[email protected]

O- (208)459.5174/C- (208)899.1067