Hayley Hutchings

Admission Counselor

What is your favorite aspect of The College of Idaho?The campus has such a “family” feel. Even though the student population is very diverse, everyone is welcomed into the community with open arms.

How did you come to discover C of I? I grew up in the area so I had always heard of The College of Idaho’s success. Once it came time to pick a college, C of I was my obvious first choice!

Yotie Shout-Out: Cisco Limbago has been the head tennis coach for over 29 years. I felt his support all four years I attended C of I and continue to feel it now that I’m a graduate. He is also an alumnus and former football player for The College of Idaho.

Favorite C of I Memory: The freshman trip to McCall is one of my first and favorite memories from C of I. I made lasting friendships during our weekend stay and it really started off my college experience on the right foot.