Kellen Willis

Associate Director of Admission

Hometown: I was raised in Kent, Washington, and attended college in Tacoma, Washington.

Favorite Aspect of C of I: I was an active college student (clubs, sports, residential life) and I like working at a college with so many opportunities. Whether it is a pep rally for an athletic team, club fair, Greek system rush week, vocal performance, or tasting international cuisine I enjoy the opportunities to be active! 

Best College Search Advice for Students: Visit, visit, and then stay overnight and visit. Visiting campus is going to give you essential experience to help make the right college selection. You can see where first-year students stay, eat, play and interact. College is so much more than just academics. The College of Idaho will help you get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

#1 C of I Memory: My favorite memory of C of I is when the college had two press conferences to announce our new football and men’s basketball coaches (Mike Moroski and Scott Garson). The college has a long and storied history of athletic and academic success. With these two coaches coming to Caldwell to start and rekindle two popular sports, I cannot be more excited. Listening to Coach Moroski talk about how he wants to shape the first year recruiting class, gave me goose bumps. Coach Garson all but made me want to lace my basketball shoes up on the spot! 

Yotie Shout-Out: Shout out to the Associate Athletic Director, Mike Safford. Mike is  a true sports-fanatic. He always has some athletic contest he is preparing for or writing a column for website. Mike is a true Yote to the core, and a huge proponent of Coyote Athletics. Kudos to you Mike Safford!  

Recruitment territory

  • California
  • Western Washington
  • Oregon