Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the deadline to submit the Common Application and FASFA for financial aid, can I still apply?

Yes. However, we are unable to assure a timely review and awarding. If you wish to receive your award letter before the Admissions Decision deadline or May 1, you will need to apply by the priority deadline.

My family has special circumstances that we would like considered. How do I submit my documents?  Can The College of Idaho reconsider my award if my parents' financial situation changes?

Please call and speak with a financial aid representative for the needed documentation.  Once completed you may fax, email or mail your documents to the Financial Aid Office. Please submit your documents with the completed forms to reduce further delay of processing your paperwork.

Newly Admitted Undergraduates

Will The College of Idaho match another university's award if I receive a significantly better award from another school?

The College of Idaho does not match merit-based awards from other colleges or universities. However, if you receive a need-based award significantly better than The College of Idaho's, the other university may have new information about your circumstances. In this case, please email us and we can review your file for any changes or updates.

What if my parents cannot meet the parent contribution?

Many families choose to use the Federal PLUS Loan to help with educational costs. A PLUS loan allows your parents to borrow the amount of the parent contribution, and extends repayment of the loan over 10 years. As a student you may also borrow student loans through our office to help meet your expenses.

Can my award change if it is contingent on additional documents or information?

Your award letter may list documents or information you must submit to our office before we can finalize your award. It is possible that your award will change if the information you submit is different than originally reported to us.

Are there other scholarship funds available to me from The College of Idaho?

Students who qualify for need-based aid from The College of Idaho are initially awarded scholarship from The College of Idaho Fund. During the course of the academic year, the Financial Aid Office will reallocate funds to award these named scholarships. This does not affect the calculated family contribution. When you accept scholarship funds from The College of Idaho, your name, major and hometown will be released to the donor of that scholarship. In most cases, you will be expected to write a thank-you letter to the person who made your scholarship possible.

How does my payment to the college work?

You will receive a billing statement well in advance of each academic semester. Your bill will include tuition, room and board, and other charges for the semester. Payments are due on August 15 (Fall semester), December 15 (Spring Semester).

Your financial aid award letter shows the amount of aid that you will receive for each semester. If your semester's aid is less than the balance due, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance and all other expenses with your own funds. However, if your semester's aid exceeds your balance due, you will receive a refund for the amount of the overage.

Undergraduate Students Approaching The College of Idaho

When will my financial aid be applied/disbursed to my account?

Your scholarship, grants and/or loans are applied to the college bill once your award is finalized and you are enrolled full time. Though this will not occur until after the bill due date, you may still deduct the anticipated financial aid from the total balance due. Any portion of the bill that will be paid eventually with financial aid (scholarship, grants and/or loans) will not be considered late.

How can I tell if my financial aid award is a finalized award?

If your award package is pending receipt and review of certain documents or information, this will be noted on your award letter. Any pending requirements may also appear as items on your Web Advisor.

If you are still uncertain, you may contact the Financial Aid Office to verify your award package and pending requirements.

How does my outside scholarship affect my financial aid package?

All types of outside scholarships will reduce your student responsibility.

Can I purchase a computer with my financial aid?

The cost of a computer is not part of the student budget. Student loans are available to cover computer expenses that are purchased during the academic year.

Can I waive/decline The College of Idaho insurance?

The college requires that every student is insured which is why all students are pre-enrolled in the college health insurance plan. If you have health insurance coverage through your parents, you may waive the insurance with before September 15 to avoid additional cost. You will only need to do this once per academic year. Visit Student Accounts for the correct form.

I do not have sufficient health insurance coverage and will need to purchase insurance? How can I request additional financial aid to cover this expense?

If you do not have family health insurance coverage and must purchase the college insurance.  Scholarship or loan may be offered to cover this cost depending on the student’s eligibility.

How can I request student loans?

You may send your request or inquires for student loans to [email protected]. Please specify the amount you are requesting. Our financial aid counselors will review your financial aid file and reply back with your possible loan eligibility and further instructions to secure your loan.

I don't want that much loan funds, can I cancel or return them?

If you are offered a student loan as part of your award package and you accept the offer, you have the right to cancel all or a part of your loan within the first 14 days after your student account is credited with your student loan funds.

Returning Undergraduate Students

What do I need to do to reapply for financial aid?

You need to reapply for financial aid for each academic year. If you are a US citizen or eligible noncitizen, you will need to complete the FAFSA.

Can I still apply after the priority deadline?

Yes. However, we are unable to assure a timely review and awarding. If you wish to receive your award letter by the start of Fall semester, you will need to apply by the priority deadline.

When will I be notified of my award for the upcoming school year?

Continuing students' financial aid files are reviewed during the summer. Award notices are sent out on a rolling basis starting in June. If you applied by the priority deadline, you should receive a response by August 1.