Campus Ministries Christian Community Leadership Scholarship

The scholarship leadership team is a fun, rewarding, exciting, cool group of students who grow together as a team, learn skills for leadership, grow in faith, and make a huge difference on campus - and receive a scholarship at the same time.

How do you qualify for the scholarship?

1)  First, watch some of the Campus Ministries videos and click and read the mission and values 

2)  Second - serve the Christian community at C of I as a connected and supported team.  Each person on the team is committed to serve and lead in the following ways:

  1. Attend and support all-campus worship on Wednesday nights (we meet most weeks while school is in session). 
         As freshmen this commitment is from 7:35-10:15 pm Wednesday nights (includes setting up the room with other volunteers and also team-building). 
         After the freshmen year some team members take on other leadership roles, and the commitment is 7:45-10:15 pm Wednesdays plus your area of leadership
  2. Participate in a weekly Bible study/ discipleship small group on Wednesday nights before Late Night
  3. Build / support the development of Christian community - could be in your dorm / on your team, etc - we will support you to find your place.

3) Third, if you are interested in applying, email us to schedule a time to introduce yourself to the C.Min staff.  If you are local we would love to have you come out on a Wednesday night, or meet you when you are on a campus visit.  If you are not local and you don't have a visit planned soon, we can talk on the phone.

4) Finally (or this could happen before your visit) download the application (below), fill it out, and use this link to email your application to Phil Rogers 

Scholarships are renewable for up to 4 years. Please let your admission counselor and the financial aid office know if you plan to apply for this scholarship – you must apply for a Campus Ministries Scholarship before you receive your financial aid award.