Study Abroad

The Anthropology/Sociology department has taken students to study abroad for years during the winter terms. Sociology students have traveled to Cuba and Prof. Seibold has taken students to Mexico and Guatemala. 

In 2004 and 2007 Prof. Kathy Seibold conducted semester long study abroad trips to Cusco, Peru, where students lived with local families, studied Spanish at a local language institute and two anthropology/archaeology courses with Prof. Seibold as well as touring local and regional cultural and archaeological sites, including Machu Picchu and Tiwanaku, Bolivia.  As part of the immersion experience, students also worked with organizations linked to their interests and majors – international development, medical clinics, schools and so on. 

In the photos to the right:

  • Andrea Lindberg and Jay Thomas on a trek across the Andes to the Lares hot springs in 2004.  Photo by Ben Thomas. They were a mere three hour walk from Kathy Seibold’s field site. 
  • Part of the 2007 group at the Tiwanaku ruins, Bolivia.
  • Part of the 2007 group on a totora reed boat at the Uru Islands, Lake Titicaca, Peru.
  • Part of the 2007 group at the Cusco zoo, Peru. 

Students: feel free to contribute to this page.  Send your information and/or photos with captions to Prof. Kathy Seibold at [email protected] and she will post it for you.