Health Care Professions

The College of Idaho prepares students for entry into a variety of health professions programs. We have several cooperative programs and articulation agreements with Idaho State University.

The requirements for each health professions program differ slightly, though most require a solid background in biology, chemistry, and physics. More information is available on various health care careers.

Proposed changes in health-related curricula

The College is restructuring course offerings for students interested in health-related professions and reorganizing the majors most commonly chosen by these students.  The proposed curricula offer greater flexibility and better integration with PEAK.

We are planning to offer three new and revised majors - Health Sciences, Human Performance & Exercise Physiology - referred to as Health & Human Performance (HHP) majors. Additional details are available here.

These revisions have not yet been approved by the College's curriculum review process.


Ann Koga, PhD
Biology Instructor, pre-Health Professions Advisor