Health and Human Performance

Proposed Curricular Revisions for Health and Human Performance-related majors

Executive summary: The proposal outlined below addresses growth in the population of students interested in health-related professions and the majors most commonly chosen by those students.  Together, these majors - Health Sciences, Human Performance & Exercise Physiology - are referred to as Health & Human Performance (HHP) majors. 

Specifically, the proposal includes

  • newly-defined core curriculum
  • realignment of existing majors in Health Sciences, Exercise Science, and Physical Education with this new core, and
  • preparation of students for careers in occupational therapy, physical therapy, medical lab science, clinical rehabilitation, sports medicine, occupational health, physician’s assistant, etc. and may lead to advanced study in medicine or dentistry.

The proposed curricula also offer greater flexibility and better integration with PEAK. These revisions are being considered by the College's curriculum review process, but they have not yet been approved.

HHP curriculum Summary

A summary document for download is available below.

Core curriculum

  • BIO 201 + Bio 202 (8 cr)  OR Cellular Basis of Human Physiology (BIO 159; new course) (4 cr)
  • Human A&P I (BIO 224; requires BIO 201-202 or 159)  (4 cr)
  • Human A&P II (BIO 225; requires BIO 224)  (4 cr)
  • Human Health and Nutrition (HHP 203; New Course) (3 cr)
  • Statistics or Applied Calculus (MAT 125, 150, 175, or 212) (3-4 cr)

Total core units: 18 to 23, including math course

There are three majors based on this core: Health Sciences, Human Performance, and Exercise Physiology. Some course options have pre-requisites.

HHP Curriculum Summary for Download

HHP Curriculum Summary_revise 15_Oct14.pdf: