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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Emersion. Preparation. Saliva.

These are all words that could describe today's activities.  We began our day with a group trip to "Coles", the local supermarket in the nearby outdoor mall.  Each of us grabbed a basket and stuffed it full of supplies intending to last us through the next week in Lamington National Park (located ~2 hours North of Brisbane, by bus. Side note: We are responsible for breakfast and lunch, and the Binna Burra Mountain Lodge will cater dinner Monday through Saturday!).  After hauling the loot back to the hotel, we headed to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (about 45 West of the city, by bus).  The sanctuary was full of uniquely Australian animals.  There were ample opportunities to cuddle with charismatic animals like koalas, kangaroos, and emus.  Platypus, dingos, countless numbers of colorful birds, and crocodiles were also within a short walk.  The sanctuary had a very laid back feel.  Many of us were drawn into the "General Store" to purchase picture packages that entailed cuddling a koala (Mom-- I totally got one), as well as kangaroo food.  It turns out that the kangaroos were my favorite part-- you can feel their dull teeth as they graze kibble from your palm. The group enjoyed our stay, and headed back to the city for our final night in Brisbane. 

The city catered to us well-- we acclimated to the 17 hour time difference, the humidity, and the wrong-side-of-the-street driving.  We are now confident to sink our teeth deeper into the Australian culture, and head into the canopy of green. Where hikes are called "big walks" and trails are known as "tracks", the rainforest is calling our name! Lamington, here we come.

Cheers, g'day, and

To a good year, Bob!

-Sara Dee