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The Wild Life

Today, we reached the first hard work day of our Australia trip. We all want to go on longer hikes for our last day in Lamington, but our documentaries are due soon which made us buckle down. Although this limited the excitement of the day, we are looking forward to tomorrow. My group and another group that was unable to go on the hike to Coomera Falls earlier in the week will be completing the 20K (about 12.5 miles) trek. While there, we hope to see creatures like the spiny crayfish and lace monitor lizards. In addition, we will try to avoid leeches; I had my first encounter with one yesterday. It was odd because I didn't  catch the leech in the act, but instead, when I removed my Feens (Faux Keens), I found a bite between my toes that did not stop bleeding until several hours later. I found out that leech "saliva" contains anesthetic and anticoagulant which adds to my interest in the creature.

If our documentaries are complete, our group of 15 is planning to attend a Bush Dance tomorrow night after our hikes. I have no idea what a Bush dance is, but Luke, a park ranger, says it will be a blast. Luke, by the way, is our group-made celebrity. He was kind enough to share his knowledge of the park that he's gained from many years of guiding, and we put it to use in our documentaries.  My favorite quote of his is that the satin bowerbird "is the Hugh Heffner of the bird world" due to the multiple female bower birds that a male tries to impress by collecting blue objects. Unfortunately, we had to cut this from our actual documentary.

I hope everybody enjoyed their snow day because I enjoyed our 80 degree weather here in the beautiful rainforests of Lamington National Park!

Signing off,


Ellen Town

Senior Biology Major

p.s. I only got 7 leeches on me throughout our hike!