Bangladesh Blog

It's not all fun and games...but sometimes it is.

May 28, 2012 - Fortunately, Bangladesh has not been ALL work!  Ryan and I have been unable to go out into the field for the past few days, so we have had the opportunity to get to know some of the locals. The children are so sweet! On Thursday, I taught a group of small boys how to play a handful of American games--such as Down by the Bank, Red Rover, and Red Light Green Light.  Even though we are unable to speak the same language, having fun and playing games is universal! 

Yesterday evening, Ryan and I played in quite the intense game of Red Rover with the neighborhood boys. Although only the younger boys played with us, several neighbors of varying ages gathered to watch. It had been so long since I had last played Red Rover that I had completely forgotten how vicious the game is capable of becoming.  Before too long, boys were being clothes-lined and tackled left and right! Fortunately, Bangladeshi boys—much like little boys around the world—are made of some sort of substance that remains unbreakable in the face of injury. 

After we finished playing “American game,” the boys invited Ryan and me to play cricket with them in a nearby field. Neither Ryan nor I were familiar with the game, so it was fairly interesting to try to learn the rules. Quite the crowd—about 40 people—gathered to watch (then again, crowds gather wherever we go!). The young boys had Ryan hit against their fastest pitcher, and they were delighted to find that Ryan was able to hit the ball without much difficulty. At least Ryan can find comfort in the fact that—if he decides the development field just isn’t for him—he might have a future playing professional cricket!

-Kendra Knighten