News Blog: October 2017

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  • The weather is starting to get colder and the leaves are beginning to turn, which means this is the perfect time for everyone’s favorite fall drink: pumpkin spice lattes! Right? Dr. Howard Berger isn’t so sure. Check out the latest episode of “The Berger Banter” right here and listen to what Dr. Berger thinks about the coffee craze.

C of I presidential search committee seeks applications

The College of Idaho Board of Trustees has formed a search committee to help select the College’s 14th president, and is currently reaching out to the community to help gather qualified candidates.

New plant species discovered by C of I and BSU researchers

The Boise Foothills are already a thriving home to many different plant species, but that number is set to increase thanks to the efforts of researchers from The College of Idaho and Boise State University, who have discovered of a new distinct species of biscuit-root in Idaho’s backyard.

Planetarium to display final Cassini photographs for October show

Although the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft probe dissolved into the atmosphere of Saturn last month, its legacy will live on through the data, images and discoveries it transmitted back to Earth over the course of its decades long journey through the solar system.

C of I and BSU researchers receive NIH grant for Giardia recovery

A collaboration years in the making between The College of Idaho and Boise State University in the research of the microscopic parasite Giardia has resulted in a three-year, $418,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop new drugs treating Giardia infections.