Student Experience Blog

Balancing the besties

By Sara Davis

Summer is such a time warp. I swear it was just last week I was hauling my wardrobe, bedding, microwave, roommate, mini-fridge, lamp, stale popcorn, towels and guitar between my freshman dorm and my chariot (a periwinkle Toyota Highlander, i.e. Heidi). And to think I have to haul all of that back to Idaho in but a MONTH?! Cut me some slack, Father Time.

I worked the month of June and July, leaving August to really get down to the lazy-might-prepare-for-school-might-just-not summer mode. And boy, does it feel good. I am determined to capture every last drop of summer until that 9 hour road trip from Tacoma, WA to Caldwell (and let’s be real, with me and my brother driving, I’ll be there in 7*). Just this last week, two of my best friends and I were busy living it up in the San Juan Islands. Give us some free time and a private island, and you bet your baby we had an awesome time—glow in the dark ‘botchy ball’, kayaking, golf cart adventures, beach combing, swimming in 50 degree water, ripping back (a rather graphic island term for eating lots of fresh crab), sleeping under the stars.… A week well spent.

The trip was so much more than relaxing, too. It helped me rejuvenate the friendships I have at home. I knew going to college would impact standing relationships both positively and negatively, so it is really rewarding to see the people who remain close after a year of separation and life changing experiences.

Looking back on my freshman year, I admit it took effort to check in with those buds of the past. Getting caught up in events, clubs, papers, and stacks of books made it difficult to fuel old friendships, especially when you’re so propelled to create a niche for yourself in an entirely new environment. Here’s my advice to incoming students, as well as the veterans: balance the besties.

At The College of Idaho, you might find yourself with a new best friend within the first six hours upon arriving on campus (I did), or maybe the third week in biology (boom! bestie number two).  Spending time with your friends is important and rather inevitable, so have your fun. But when it’s that last weekend of the month and you’re in dire need of study break, or a trip to caf … use that three minute walk from one side of campus to the other (perk #8 of this college) to call up an old friend or leave a borderline crude, heinous message on their voicemail.  They’ll love it.  And you’ll thank yourself later when you’re sitting around in August with nothing to do and in need of someone to kick it with… trust me.

* I do not condone speeding or reckless driving.