Student Experience Blog

Summer’s gone?

By Melanie Palmer

Let’s get real here – summer went by real quick.

Here I am, with a few short days left, struggling to make them count, grasping at any opportunity to allow the feeling of home to sink down deep, where I can keep it until I come back for Christmas.

As I wrote last week, there is so much that I am really  looking forward to – however, now all I can think about are the things that I’m really going to miss.

Allow me to give you a quick breakdown of the few things about home that I’m having a hard time leaving behind before I begin to pack for my senior year at C of I…

My family is really fun. There are a lot of us, and most of the time it’s a bunch of crazy… but I love them. I look forward to our future speakerphone conversations where everyone just yells at the same time.

My friends from high school are the best kind of friends. We can see each other every week, or once a year, and continue our conversations like we’re sitting together eating lunch before 6th period.  We had fun this summer exploring different restaurants in LA and sharing some quality girl chat in the Jacuzzi.

Believe it or not, I’m going to miss my job. I work for the Parks & Rec Dept. of my city, and I love it. I was a summer camp counselor, which means that my friends and I took a bunch of kids to the pool, to amusement parks, bowling, ice skating, and made them run around during 100 different versions of tag.

And of course, there are the little things, like our TiVo, my bike, and my mom’s chicken casserole that will be tough to go without. But I think I’ll manage.