Student Experience Blog

Spots on campus

By Dorgham Abusalim

I know that many students come to our campus while having a decent idea about how it looks like, and where the nice hang-out spots are at. But since approximately 10% of our students are international, they rarely develop such solid view of our beautiful campus.

Here are some of my favorite/memorable spots on campus:

For three years now McCain has been witness to many memorable moments of mine. The building is home to several spots including the International Student Organization common area, which is also shared with the Association of Latin American Students; and the Kathy and Jerryn Herrick Library. Amongst international students, or at least in my case, both of these spots are known for having a good conversation, completing school work, planning events, as well as small gatherings. Not to forget sleeping on the great purple couch. With that in mind, beware, once you fall asleep there, you’ll find your sleepy head featured on the common area’s wall. 

Another favorite spot of mine is located at the lower level of our Terteling Library. I’m not sure what these rooms are called, but I call them the glass boxes. For a good semester or two of my time on campus, these boxes consumed an average of 6 hours of my life daily during the school year. The bright side is this: I got work done.

During my sophomore year I was housed at Voorhees.Initially I wasn’t sure about living there, and I seriously considered changing my housing for the year. Soon enough, I realized that Voorhees has something that is rather special compared to other residence halls. It’s the lobby.

Granted, all residences have lobbies, but, I think Voorhees has the warmest and the liveliest one. You could find people shooting pool, watching movies, or having conversation all the way through the early hours of the morning school-year round.

You are probably thinking that there should be morespots on my mind, and you are probably right. But I’ll keep those spots for you to see and experience firsthand.