Student Experience Blog


By Andrew Moore

I’ve been slacking. I still don’t have most of the furniture for my room at the house pulled together for me to move in. At least I have a bed…

Right about now during the end of summer, there’s this weight that lives in that place right behind my eyes that doesn’t go away until I’ve slept a night in Caldwell after moving in. Don’t get me wrong; I’m super grateful to have a job, I like having home-cooked food with my family, and I like reading for pleasure.

But this last week or so before classes resume, my brain just feels itchy. Restless before the change in environment I suppose. But there are things that can help to ditch these symptoms, at least momentarily, and Idaho’s wilderness has always been a potent cure.

Last weekend, I went backpacking in the Sawtooths with my Mom.

This is Trail Lake, a few hours southwest of Stanley, Idaho, where we camped. If you live in Idaho, no doubt that you’re familiar with sights such as these. It’s really a privilege to have these beautiful places so accessible to us. Forests, mountains, and deserts are just minutes away no matter where you are.

Hiking into these towering mountain sanctuaries has become a pilgrimage for me, in the most cliché terms. It really does take you out of the little world you create for yourself down in our winding jungle of concrete and helps you remember that your little human body is subject to the rules of gravity, elevation, and temperature.

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